Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vice Mayor suspended from playing after 4 months Zhanjiang former Deputy Secretary

Vice Mayor suspended from playing after 4 months, Zhanjiang, former Deputy Secretary of the political and Legislative Affairs Committee Pang Kang steady comeback by exposure

According to the Guangzhou daily Ocean Network on December 28, reporters learned from the related departments in Zhanjiang, in August this year hit interdiction of Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Mayor of Zhanjiang in Zhanjiang city, Communist Party Deputy Secretary, stabilisation, Zhanjiang City Office Director Pang Kang of stability, has been easy for officers to any member of the economic development zone of Zhanjiang (division level). Dialog chemical fertilizers and pesticides herbicide

After the news spread, this incident has once again caught the public attention.

August 18 at 9 o'clock in the evening, in Zhanjiang Sports Centre on the second floor conference room of the games Preparation Committee of Zhanjiang, games Preparatory Committee of Zhanjiang, convene a meeting of 18 departments to discuss recognition of places and individuals places. The night of 9:30, due to differences on recognition of places, not participating in Zhanjiang city Communist Party Vice Secretary, stable, stability maintenance Office Director Pang Kang suddenly appeared the venue, lifting about half a pound of plastic table card, ruthlessly hit Zhanjiang city Vice Mayor Liang Zhipeng chest, then grabbed the mineral water to the desktop again and crush Liang Zhipeng.

In Zhanjiang City Commission for discipline inspection directors of Zhong Hong, seeing the front of dissuasion, also beat was injured.

After the events reported by the media, has aroused strong repercussions in society. On August 21, the Zhanjiang city to the Zhanjiang municipal Committee of the Communist Party and municipal authorities announced stabilisation cadre, suspended Pang Kang steady as Zhanjiang municipal Committee of the Communist Party Deputy Secretary and Director of stabilisation of municipal party Committee Office positions, to be identified for handling.

On December 28, the Guangzhou daily from Zhanjiang-related Department, Pang Kang steady suspected of smashing Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Mayor, has been formally reported to the economic development zone of Zhanjiang, Member of the Party Committee of development zone Committee (positive level) post. Previously this Chen Hongzu, then transferred to xuwen County deputy magistrate. (As of press time, the place, Unit website information bar has yet to update personnel information made the leadership--Editor's note)