Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Russo Turkish war planes to clean the fire a share out of the independent market

Turkey shoot down Russia planes incident, once again encountered turbulence in global stock markets, a share out of the independent market, the three major indexes also rose.

On November 25, a-share markets opened mixed, after the Shanghai composite index opened slightly lower in early trading sideways, together in the military industry, non-ferrous metal plate under the uplifted, Prev once spiked in the afternoon near 1%. Small subjects have responded, finance taking advantage of the rise of the Internet, leading gem shot up more than 3%, reached a new high since July this year.

Up close, the Shanghai composite index at 3647.93, or 0.88%; gem 2897.57 points, at 2.89%.

Deal more obvious than the previous day between the two cities to enlarge, on total turnover of 1.02 trillion, of which Shanghai 380.8 billion in Shenzhen 639.1 billion. Up close, the two cities were 138 stock trading, which gem a total of 39 shares trading.

Military unit shot up explosive

On that day, the biggest factor influencing surface from the Russo-Turkish war planes. Disc is widely expected in the industry, strained due to the geopolitical situation will directly stimulate short-term military, gold rose. The same day, shares soaring aerospace plate opening 3.64% confirmed this judgement.

Guotai Junan securities, believes that in the current environment of a shares, market structure, the market continues to find new hot spot is undoubtedly Turkey shoot down Russia planes, will become military stocks of a catalyst. Haitong securities agreed that, based on experience in major wars and conflicts in recent decades, in the short term although a certain impact on the capital market, but good military plates, military sector generally short-term rapid rise.

However, after the high of the day away, military units as a whole gains fall days and defense jumped in early trading and remained closed.

Apart from the military unit, and financial stocks, the bulk of the Internet trading is also another big attraction. Convex horse horses, Ou Puzhi NET, gold card stock, flush, Jeffrey silver and 14 only stock trading. In addition, the two cities ghost shares a comeback, has two consecutive trading days trading.

It is worth mentioning that in early trading remained "cable car" staged for the brokerages, banks and other heavyweight stocks reverse attack forces helped push stocks higher, straight line pulling in bank stocks, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank rehabilitation after share prices hit another record high.

Insiders pointed out that, from heavy weights on the day, there is still no reunification sentiment, shares still lacks long on courage, short-term lingering still in shock.

Line pressure continues to see-saw

The contagion of global capital markets, Asia-Pacific stocks fell on the day, as shares closed, the Hang Seng index fell 0.09%; the Nikkei 225 index fell 0.39%; Korea composite index fell 0.34%; Taiwan weighted index fell 0.17%. Acquisition United States visit the profound connotation

After a see-saw for a long time, the Shanghai composite index still being 3,600 points and around 3,630 year line to seek support.

Empty the fierce fight, when a winner?

On that day, in 2016 strategy meeting at guotai Junan securities, Chief Strategist Joe never think the 2016 year market will be at the core of 3,200 to 4,500 points range, or appear undervalued blue chips the market next spring.

Soochow securities believes that in the current rally has entered later. Market characteristics, similar to the a-share market after the October 2014, taking history as a mirror and judge this began on August 26 rally may have entered the rising later. Market starts new round a large level mainly incentives by the State-owned enterprise reform and Shenzhen Tong.

In the short run, given the IPO this week continues the old Programme superimposed Fed rate hike in December is expected to strengthen capital level fluctuations are expected to increase. From asset rotation, falling interest rates lower in a row + high quality asset panic + blue-chip stock valuations low dividend yields higher for long-term financing, blue-chip stocks bonds investment properties to determine its value at this stage already has a higher configuration.