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From two to four wheels three wheeled tianneng battery want countryside surrounding

 As a domestic battery enterprises, outsider is somewhat similar to the Group's development strategy of "countryside surrounding cities": first, two wheels electric battery on their own from the start, gradually developed after three wheel electric tricycle battery, recently turned their focus to the four-wheeled mini electric car batteries and new energy automotive lithium-ion batteries. Local gravitational wave detection project Lyran

Power source of battery electric vehicles, and core components. Battery path is to a large extent, also reflect the route of electric vehicle development. Observe the battery days group's significance lies in the path of development, it is a microcosm of the development of China's electric car industry. Electric car market in China and the United States have a significant difference: the United States electric cars like the Tesla enterprise, is starting from the top, then down to expand the development path. China is taking a route from low-end to high-end development, copy the Tesla's path in China is probably not feasible.

From two to four wheels, three-wheeled jump

30 years ago, the Group was just an ordinary battery factory in Zhejiang Province, mainly for mining area of the stand-by power supply, motorcycle batteries.

In the last century, electric bicycles began to appear in the vast land of China. As an alternative to bikes, electric bikes are active in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

News Group Chairman Zhang Tianren surging the day (www.thepaper.CN), said at the time, days can be found in the popular electric bike market opportunities from around 1998, it can start to power the electric bicycle battery, and as its core business. With the development of electric bicycle market, it can also benefit a great deal from it. In 2010, the electric bicycle battery percentage in the days of business at 94%. Meanwhile, after days after a series of expanded capacity, is currently in the electric bike battery market share reached around 35%.

However, every industry has its cycle, electric bicycle industry for more than 10 consecutive years of growth, the market is increasingly saturated. Zhang Tianren, said that partly because of the continued expansion of production capacity of electric bicycles, partly because with three or four lines of urban residents's living standards improve, the region's consumers tend to choose comfortable and cost-effective micro-electric vehicle.

Follow the market changes, it bring stability after the electric bicycle market, gradually reducing the share of electric bicycle batteries. 2015, the business of electric bicycle batteries has been reduced to 61%, while other businesses is increasing. For example, electric tricycle battery business accounted for a significant growth.

Zhang Tianren, electric tricycle market by the blitz, on the one hand thanks to the online drive the rapid development of industry, on the other hand comes from raising the level of consumption in rural areas. From 2011, day three-wheeled electric car battery business began to grow. In 2015, the business accounted for 22%.

Since then, the days to complete the transformation of electric bicycle battery electric tricycle battery.

Securities analysts about surging News (www.thepaper.CN) that now the electric vehicle market is starting to four-wheeled electric vehicles began to develop demand-side popular micro-electric car and we support the development of new energy vehicles in full swing. Day will also focus on the micro-batteries and new energy on the car's lithium-ion battery.

From two to four wheels, three-wheeled: tianneng battery want

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30,000 or 40,000 yuan a miniature electric cars do not need subsidies, red all over North and South

Mini electric vehicles mainly refers to the low-speed electric vehicles, its speed is generally less than 70 km/h the simple four-wheeled EV, shape, structure, properties are similar to fuel cars.

Zhang Tianren, said low-speed electric vehicles batteries are still dominated by lead-acid batteries, due to its high price, in recent years, in three or four cities ushered in the fast-growing suburbs and towns rural areas. Industry predictions that this will be the electric car market in China in recent years the biggest growth market segments.

Brokerage analysts told the word news, low-speed electric vehicles without government subsidies currently support, but are very popular, these electric vehicles are mainly supported by demand-side growth.

Zhang Tianren said that compared to national policy to guide the development of new energy vehicles, micro-electric vehicle is driven by the market demand for real. China's national conditions are middle and low income people, less people with higher incomes. For smaller cities or suburbs and other regions of the middle and low income residents, miles a day for the big cities are very short and limited spending power, consumers are more likely to select affordable, affordable car. This low-speed electric vehicles to purchase price of around $ 30,000 or 40,000 dollars, when tariffs per kilometre and only a dime more.

Zhang Tianren, said days with miniature electric cars mainstream manufacturers, including Taiwan, Sun, Tang are to establish a stable cooperative relationship, these manufacturers in Shandong, Henan and other three or four cities, the majority of provinces.

These low-speed electric vehicles are robust, to occupy the domestic half of Shandong province as an example of low-speed electric vehicles market, low speed electric car ownership from 2012 to 2015, the province maintained rapid growth for four consecutive years, rose, 54.4%, 196.4%, and 85.6%, respectively.

Low-speed electric vehicles without government subsidies, spontaneous demand alone, as evidenced by its market potential.

An analytical report of the Bohai securities said a conservative estimate, in three or four cities, suburbs and towns in rural areas, low-speed electric vehicles market volume of 10 million vehicles in China, the market size of over 200 billion yuan. It is estimated that in 2015 the country number of low-speed electric vehicles are only about 700,000 vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles market has great potential of space.

The China Securities Journal reported on March 29, according to incomplete statistics, so far, in Hubei Province, Shandong province, Henan province, and 14 provinces, released the administrative measures for the low-speed electric vehicles, or subordinates. Industry insiders said, national standards of low-speed electric vehicles is expected to be launched in June this year, low-speed electric vehicles multi-billion dollar market is expected to be full in the second half.

This is exploding market, Zhang Tianren said that day is already ready. In 2010, the micro-battery operations accounted for 0.4% of the total business. In 2015, nearly 10% per cent of the business. Meanwhile, the mini EV battery market shares reached 58%. In addition, by 2020, will be increased to 20% per cent of the business.

In addition, the countries and places in recent years has issued a series of favorable policies for new energy vehicles, new-energy auto production and sales surge, led to the development of the lithium battery industry as a whole. Zhang Tianren said the group will in the future development strategy the first lithium-ion battery, lithium battery sales by 2020 as a whole accounted for more than 20%. Meanwhile, day group will also, through energy technology spin-off lithium battery plates.

Today, Star enterprise in electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 prices will be introduced in the twenty thousand or thirty thousand dollars, in niche markets to flourish late start with traditional vendors compete on cheap VW models.

When asked about Tesla's development, Zhang Tianren stressed that "Tesla from the high end to the low end of their mode of development, but China's current national conditions also meant the Chinese electric car to lower midrange to high-end route to development is more appropriate." Tesla also entered the cheap car market, means that the demand in the market.

Zhang Tianren said that, no matter what kind of development, "development is the absolute principle to meet market demand."