Thursday, April 7, 2016

Woman shopping in Wuhan luxury bags and carrying his work show

Wuhan evening news, April 7, can't afford to buy tens of thousands of luxury bags, buy wrapping paper printed with big trademark bag, pretend to buy lots. Girlfriend practices, Wuhan Mr Huang called "pressure Alexander".

On April 6, Mr Huang of the public away from home, found more than 10 paper bags imprinted with Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Hermes, Cartier and other brand-name Logo. Mr WONG is very curious girlfriend used these luxuries, why are there so many bags. On enquiry, the girlfriend Tang work overalls and box lunches, so special online buys some big paper bags, carrying a nice face. Harbin sky high fish released CCTV recording of

"We worked for only two years, income is not high, can't save any money, let alone luxuries. "Mr Wong told reporters that the girlfriend likes to get some before the cottage's big cosmetics and clothes, I didn't care, this obsession with brand-name bags bring sense of vanity.

Huang so that a big fight with his girlfriend and friends ridicule. Have women friends "in" indicates that girls boyfriend don't have to scrimp and save to buy brand-name, he's very sensible. Also the Netizen "Ultra" message: If one day bask in a famous paper bag enraptured, but close friends and colleagues found that this person never used what brand of kind, it will not have a face, but lose lose at home.

In this regard, the senior State counselor Li Lu says, people buy fake brand-name and designer bags, which is a symbol of the pursuit. People who cannot afford that luxury, just think of lower-priced imitations or a shopping bag to reflect their position. Young people should have their own spending power that corresponds to the life, pretend lived a rich life, putting great pressure on themselves and the people around him.