Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hotel explosion safety issues cleaner door open for others guests all seasons

Security questions in a hotel chain is broke again.

In recent days, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) user Qi Quan (a pseudonym) complained, on February 13, he was staying at a downtown hotel during all seasons, lost 2800 Yuan in cash, monitor cleaning staff had given a man opens the door of the room. The man entered the room after a few minutes, and another man at the front desk for the staying in the room of the procedures.

All seasons hotels China Hotel Group is a well-known hotel chain brands, located in Shanghai, Yunnan road, this all seasons hotel is one of the stores.

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Hotel is located in the concerned road in Yunnan near Huaihai Road, people's square in Central Shanghai shopping district.

On April 9, China Hotel Group Public Relations Manager Wei Xiaojie surging news that, in the event, the staff did not operate according to the process, the hotel does have "unshirkable responsibility".

Qi Quan said, although the hotel had his 3000 Yuan in cash, he gave a sincere apology on request. But in two months, his attitude toward the hotel very dissatisfied. He believes that someone leaked him hotel travel information, others can be smoothly into his rooms.

Give guests information "cheat the door", the same room had two rooms at the

Qi Quan said on February 13 this year, he is all seasons hotel in Yunnan road, Shanghai No. 297, registration, and a female friend staying at room No. 8615. The night of February 16, in myself and my friends go out after returning to the room, found the room door lock was damaged.

Qi Quan was made to the police, and the hotel's surveillance video of the day.

He provides the surveillance video showed surging news, February 16, 20:18 P.M. 11 seconds, cleaning staff, No. 8615 as a young man opens the door.

Garden police station report receipt card, Qi Quan displayed, his 17th in the morning alarm, found when placed in room No. 8615 luggage less cash 2800 Yuan.

Qi Quan also complained after the men entered their rooms after a few minutes, others in the name of living person, for a No. 8615 check and got the room card.

Show him a picture of a computer at the hotel from the show does have one from Hebei man surnamed Chen at 20:20 on February 16, successfully handled 8615 room check in.

Qi Quan said he found in the room of lost 2800 Yuan in cash, suspected to be by such a man enters the room stolen.

On April 9, the hotel group public relations manager in China surging Wei Xiaojie told news, internal information, the night of February 16, does the above staff open doors for others to enter Qi Quan hotel occupancy, room No. 8615. Cleaning lady said the parties, guest rooms at the floor saying "forgot my room card" to check the guest name and room number, opening the door for him.

In case No. 8615 tenant fails to check out, all seasons hotels also smoothly handle the room checking for others, hotels responded that during the incident, staff on duty by telephone in the room and guest is confirmed, for man surnamed Chen for these procedures, and delivered the key card.

Hotel: not strictly verified information, cannot shirk its responsibility

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Hotel information provided by the complainant showed that he did not check out, hotel for another man to do the check in the same room.

Hotel doesn't let Qi Quan satisfaction, in his view, this all seasons hotel there are serious problems in the security management, if the above cleaning staff and front desk staff for real, may be the leaked guest rooms at the hotel information, allow others to successfully tricking the cleaning staff and front desk staff on duty.

Qi Quan said on February 16, 20:20, when someone in the room at the all seasons hotel check-in their own, own and none of staying with friends in the hotel, on West Nanjing Road station for another theft to police. Hotel front desk staff really make room call confirmation, when answering the phone in the rooms, only the names from cleaner helps open the door into the room of the "stranger". No share press you to death privileged second

In the face of claims that forgot my card hotel staff helped to open the door, was asked to handle is when some rooms, the hotel industry generally is into what?

-News of the surging Shanghai hotel Noah CEO Lu Ronghua, guests left the room card cases, hotels sector common approach is to make sure the inmate himself. Confirm that there are a variety of ways, such as proof of identity, and the front desk to check information, in short, "is necessary to ensure safety, convenience. "

In fact, guests left the room card, all seasons hotels also have strict rules. "Must be checked 4 pieces of information: name, room number, room time, registered the full card number, and when guests enter the room, the need to produce their identity cards to the staff and the room card. "Miss Wei said.

The afternoon of April 8, the all seasons hotel, surging a cleaning lady also told the news, if the guest claimed that forgot to bring my card, only confirm their identity and other travel information at the front desk and asked her to convey instructions, she can open doors for guests.

"Employees did not operate according to the process of the parties, the hotel has an unshirkable responsibility. "Talk about Qi Quan theft, Wei Xiaojie said hotels have continued to enhance daily training, improve the overall safety awareness.

Visits: foreigners at the hotel have free access to the upper and lower

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Hotel surveillance video provided by the complainants shows that cleaning lady for a man opened the door of room by the complainant.

Qi Quan said all seasons because of this loophole in the hotel management, put his personal and property safety are under great threat. He insisted on rights for two months, the hotel's attitude is very dissatisfied with, "my request is simple I want a sincere apology, but always said work by the process. "

Qi Quan said if a cleaner and check travel information at the front desk, "stranger" opened the door he was staying in room No. 8615, that just means someone in the hotel staff disclosure of his personal information, will allow others to successfully deceive or cleaning staff at the front desk.

The afternoon of April 8, the all seasons hotel, claims to be Store Manager refused to recognize the invasion of Qi Quan Chen room is a stranger, stressed he quoted Qi Quan's personal information. The store manager said, did not rule out living with Qi Quan friends reveal their information may.

Worth noting is that surging journalists on April 8, visited the hotel in the afternoon and found, from the lobby on the first floor into the rooms of the second floor and above, only by lift, and validation in the elevator room card can be used. But by trailing the other tenants, journalists surging into rooms, and freely to and from multiple floors through stairs. Reporters did not see security personnel are present in the hotel.

Warning: can you say travel information, hotels for which you will be able to open

Surging news also found that, in this case, there is a fact that needs attention.

Qi Quan said, proved that the door into him by cleaning the room in the video of "strangers" Hai (not his real name), have sought their own women friends stay together, but never revealed to him over myself and friends travel information. However, Qi Quan declined to disclose the contact information of friends stay together.

Hotel was called the incident on February 16, the hotel has apologized to the Qi Quan, and room for them. At that time, Qi Quan told police, not lost belongings. But on February 17, the hotel accompany Qi Quan to Yu Yuan garden at the police station, he also claimed that the missing cash 2800 Yuan. As Qi Quan 16th stolen by another suspected Hai cases reported, this time he claimed that loses 2800 Yuan in cash has not yet been filed.

Qi Quan provide report receipt shows that on February 16, he assured the West Nanjing Road, police said, on February 13 in Shanghai Shi Lu Lu stay somewhere, until February 15 to 12 o'clock back home, found a suitcase being rolled over, inside a cell phone is lost, no other losses in the door without breaking traces stolen. Qi Quan for suspected Hai, Hai has repeatedly harassed them.

"The hotel out of a sense of, direct compensation for the relatives of 3000 Yuan. "Said Miss Wei, Qi Quan admitted on request about the disclosure of their information, the police also believe that there is no evidence. In addition, because the dissatisfaction on the matter, Qi Quan has not paid for the last 3 days the price is gone, total 1195.

In addition to police, Qi Quan also complained to the consumer protection Committee in Shanghai. Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai as a whole and for both parties to mediate eventually "both sides could not reach an agreement", conciliation terminated.

This matter if Chen Hai to hotel staff quoted Qi Quan travel information was leaked by hotel staff, is also possible by Qi Quan and his friend leaked, there was no conclusion. But industry insiders believe, which also issued a warning for the hotel industry, even if someone can tell me the arrival information, staff in the cleaning staff could easily room for it?

The people that encounter this situation need to be carefully checked ID cards, photos and other information, in case others familiar with the guest enters the room, resulting in a loss.

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Complainants report receipt of two of the show.