Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting never tell a family of Telecom fraud

Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting: never tell a family of Telecom fraud

On April 17, police questioned Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting. Shanxi Anhui and Hubei to compete for three Xinghua

"MOM, I went to Kenya not to travel, but to do Telecom fraud, doing some illegal things. "The afternoon of April 17, 27 Taiwan Telecom fraud group the suspect Liu Taiting said, he realized the error and return to Taiwan Hou, he certainly won't do what Telecom fraud.

Taiwan Liu Taiting, new Taipei City mainland China recently from Africa Kenya back to the 45 Taiwan Telecom fraud one of the suspects. On April 15, his mother Zhang Xiuxiang the Taiwan "Legislative Yuan" for help, saying her son was crying on the phone, "we have not committed any crime, we do not want to go to mainland China, fear of being wrong." Taiwan media at the same time, "said Liu mother, anxious and sad tears fall on the spot" and "MOM, heart, tears of Government save our children" ... ...

"In fact, I went to Kenya to do Telecom fraud thing, my MOM does not know. "Liu Taiting introduced him to travel to Kenya and engaged in the process of telecommunications fraud.

His statement said earlier he met through his friend Fat Choi (Taiwan Telecom fraud group, one of the boss), end of February 2014 Fat Choi organized dinner for everybody, is to set up a company, Egypt Telecom fraud, he recruits.

"In early March 2014, I went to Egypt, but only for a week. "Liu Taiting explained, because" the wind "is so tight that fraud was not carried out.

Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting: never tell a family of Telecom fraud

Liu Taiting choked up several times at the trial.

Police introduced in May 2014, Liu Taiting and received a call from fat Choi said in Kenya set up safe havens, and invited him to go with him. In July of the same year, he lied to his mother to travel, call of the submissive Fat Choi came to Kenya, mainland Chinese Telecom fraud.

Liu Taiting is a computer operator Telecom fraud group, is responsible for two main aspects of the work. He for said said, while, he is responsible for sent phone voice, that through Baidu search entered phone number, retrieved to city mobile phone number paragraph, then through VOS software, sent fraud phone voice, daily sent ten thousand or twenty thousand article; on the, he also acts as a telecommunications fraud group and Taiwan "water room" (money-laundering institutions) communication of bridge, through SKYPE software and "water room" contact, to "wire" personnel provides related account, is responsible for and water room communication money whether to account.

Police investigators described, Liu Taiting salary is NT $ 30,000 per month base salary plus Commission. In terms of commissions, if the performance of the month to 2 million Yuan, can deduct 2%; 3 million royalty 2.5%; percentage of more than 4 million Yuan to 3%. As of November 2014 Liu Taiting arrested for arson by Kenya police custody, in April, he got a total NT $ 240,000 salary, and through the transfer of all the money to his ex-wife.

Liu Taiting was Kenya during 16 months in police custody, his mother also turned his supply of NT $ 10,000 per month in their lives, but he has not told his mother he was kenbiya in the Telecom fraud.