Friday, April 29, 2016

Jiangsu Nantong front room of a man and a woman and two people were killed and

Nantong, people's daily online on April 30, the evening of 29th, town, Tongzhou, slack water emergency case, stained with blood, and a man and a woman was killed. According to nearby residents, fa├žade of the incident room in "accept discount" business. Specific cases to the police for investigation. Jinghong Yunnan hundreds of taxis stopped money

Reporters from the local police was informed that the 29th at 9 o'clock in the evening, police received ping Chao Zhen Yu CAI Lu Hao Jing Gong, Tongzhou district, two people were found dead next door in room alarm and urban levels, the police immediately set up a task force and capable police organization to carry out the investigation. After investigation, the deceased South Korea some 44 years for males, women Zhang, 49, were from Zhejiang, the specific cause of death is still under investigation.