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Lushan turn again leap into the political arena the Halo fades into a town

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

On April 17, 2016, the rainfall, Lushan in xiaotianchi spectacular waterfall cloud and sea landscape, cloud cascade billows, houses in the mountains looming, is spectacular. Oriental IC data

Instead of Lushan mountain is a mountain, rather than cities.

Its roads, vehicles, buildings, people ... ... In a special form, exist on the map of mountains and rivers in China.

April 2016, this "special" into orbit.

In the current month on the 27th Conference of the tourism industry development in Jiangxi province, Jiangxi provincial Governor Lu Xinshe said has been approved by the State Council in Lushan city, with the "City" the establishment of the system, will present new opportunities for tourism development in Lushan.

Like growing pains, Lushan has always been concerned, has also been "split". Its light is always focused, until this time, justified as a city.

Modern civilization

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

The mountain is at the end of April, still a chill on the Hill. Guling town, restaurants, hotels, a close family, looked more than tourists. Locals say that now is the off-season, wait until July or August, prices turned San、sibei also do not necessarily provide it.

Chang Chong River is a river of singing. Sound of happy people into the depths of the old Villa, going to savor, and suddenly the car flashed by, shrill horns relentlessly to break the silence.

Few probably called "mountain" area, Lushan of modern civilization.

There are two roads in the mountains, the starting point in Williams town and the town of Tong Yuan, respectively, you can choose to drive or take the bus, about 50 minutes to reach the top.

Starting from the town of Williams mountain road, also known as mountain road. Construction of this road starts in 1952, opened to traffic on August 1, 1953, 23.45 km in length, is the Lushan mountain road.

Road curves a lot, sick people will be a little discomfort. When a tour guide, he would like to tell you stories about Mao Zedong first time in June 1959 Lushan.

Mao Zedong was riding from North mountain road up the mountain. Turn a corner, he went to the window losing a match stick, reach the top 4 box of matches all thrown out. A box of matches, there are 100, 4 box is 400, so say this road 400 bends. However, he warned by a staff member, the way you had 4 cigarettes should be 396 bends.

Matches lost story is just anecdotal, authenticity could not be confirmed. Sure is, Lushan corners did Mao Zedong was impressed, so it will have the famous qilv of the Lushan mountain: "mountain flying along the great river, up the verdant 400 Rotary. "

400 turn out to "cloud fortress" guling town.

Here is a deserted village, 1116 m above sea level, named Niu ling. In 1895, United Kingdom missionary Li de Li obtained by illegal means in the region of more than 4,000 acres of land lease in perpetuity, and take a cool name for it--cooling (Kuling).

Beginning of the last century, as Westerners in China at that time of summer, guling advance rapid urbanization process.

Wu Zongci in his book wrote in the journal of the Lushan mountain, 6 (1917), guling has all kinds of buildings more than 560 employees, foreign residents on the Hill at 1746, labour work in the concession are 1126 people. By 1937, Hill residents reached 18421, foreigners 1276, totaled 19697.

According to Dai Changzao of Lushan guide prepared by the Chronicle, 14 (1925) guling presents to the world scene are "joined of buildings, towers from the streets freely, clean."

Statistics of the book, when the chapel at the guling 4, cinema 1, Library 4 1, hospitals, school tennis courts 2, 18, bath 2, meeting 2, hotel 9, book 5, photo shop 5 1, Bank 2, and a newspaper, another store number.

Now guling remains open and modern commercial as much as urban commercial center in the mountain.

There are 13,000 residents, hundreds of restaurants, hotels and shops. More than 600 more than European and American styles of the old Villa, apart from a few cultural relics are protected, also is utilized as places of business.

At night, hiding in the Woods House light up, bar, KTV, foot massage shop signs and clubs nearby.

In 2014 and 2015, in guling town located at in bookstores on both DiCOS fast-food chain brands and KFC have opened. DiCOS in some attractions set up the station, next to the Shenandoah Caverns attractions, stands a DiCOS retail stations.

First may in guling trance, Lushan see?

Many old villas, like a condensed history of China. Peaks, waterfalls, clouds and poems left by the ancients, it seems is the true colors of a mountain.

This Scholar Hu Shi did have. Nearly a century ago, he wrote his travels of the Lushan, Lushan has three historic places represent the three major trends: Hui-Yuan dong Lin, representative of China "of Buddhism" and Buddhism "in China" the trend of white deer cave, on behalf of the Chinese modern trend of 700 years of song; Gu ling, on behalf of the Western cultural invasion of China trend.

Political arena

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

The Skyrail rainforest cableway of Mount Lushan scenic area. Oriental IC data

Enjoy the views of Lushan, is not a difficult task.

View area has two lines, tour bus like city bus bringing people to each attraction. Called a sightseeing tour, was on the bus, get off, walk a little way.

Vehicles cannot reach, ropeway, ropeway, and ramp interface.

At present, the jurisdiction of the Lushan mountain scenic area has three tramway or cable car. Qing Lian SI, they are Sandie tramway, from Po in front to the great waterfalls of ropeways, Jian XING long cableway, connected power station dam and Shek Mun.

Fairy cave scenic spot, a visiting the datianchi area trails have been closed. The other end, connects Lake area and Lushan in Jiujiang city, eight of the ropeway is being built. The Jiangxi daily reported earlier, the cable length of 2864 m, after the completion of Mount Lushan in 7 minutes.

In addition, the xingzi County, Shannan Prefecture have two cable, respectively, is to show the area to show the cableway connecting Tai Village area and hanfankou Taiyi ropeway. Which has shut down four or five years, a familiar from the cable operators, due to the mountain village of Tai-scenic construction couldn't keep up, the passengers fall cable business to make ends meet, can only be shut down.

Live in guling's older Lushan on these "new" is not cold.

Instead, they think too many vehicles such as noisy, KFC "fast food" tune with the Lushan, ropeway wire ropes and iron destroy the natural scenery.

Old people like a thing of the past. Previously closed, Lushan on only himself or a sedan. Along the hero on the Lotus cave, came almost two hours.

Chiang Kai-shek's Hill is also a sedan, bearers are usually from Zhejiang province. He first came to Lushan is the winter of 1926, with then-wife Chen Jie, designed in the United Kingdom founded by missionary John xianyan hotel. Every summer, the Lushan on he would live for some time, the people around are replaced by Soong Mei-ling.

Since then, onto the political stage in Lushan. Yang Zhenyu mentions in his book memories of Lushan, Lushan on Chiang Kai-shek, 77, 773 days were spent in the mountains, hosted more than 20 times in important meetings.

Also during this period, the national Government civil and military officials gathered in Lushan, became the capital of the second political centre of Nanjing, also known as the "summer capital".

"Summer" position is unusual.

Lushan mountain in the archives the archives produced by records, the earliest the Lushan administration was established in 1926 under Jiujiang city, Jiangxi provincial government began in 1930 straight pipe.

According to Wang Guoquan, Wang Bingru, mediated by the Lushan "summer" Chronicle shows, in November 1935, guling recovery station of the national Government. Xiong Shihui of the then-Chairman of the Jiangxi provincial Government reported to the Executive Yuan, said Jiangxi devote, please apply Central receiving.

After the meeting of the Executive Yuan, and Jiangxi province, Lushan mountain, the Board has managed funds by central subsidy, provisional subsidy of 100,000 yuan per year, talents or by the central organ Shang diao.

Yin Yinyuan in his study mentioned in the article the secret Central Daily News edition of Lushan, in 1937, also operates the Lushan Edition of the JoongAng daily and the other two on the paper version of the city of Beijing and Chongqing.

But Chiang Kai-shek did not in that turbulent era had the last laugh.

In June 1959, 10 years after the liberation of Lushan, Mao entered the residence of Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling in guling meilu Villa.

"Chiang Kai-shek, I'm coming. "As soon as he entered the Garden Gate with strong Hunan accent shouting voice reveals a high-spirited.

According to statistics from literature scholar Qian Bocheng Combs, after the founding of the Mao Zedong had three Central Conference under the auspices of Lushan.

On July 2, 1959 to August 1 and August 2 to 16th for the first time, an expanded political Bureau of the Central Committee, then opening session of eight plenary session to discuss the "great leap forward", the people's communes and other issues. Second was on August 23, 1961 to September 16, the central work Conference to discuss issues such as industry, food, finance, education, implementation of economic character. On August 23, 1970 to September 6 for the third time, opened the second plenum of the ninth to discuss amending the Constitution, national economic planning, strengthen combat readiness and other issues.

Special identities

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

Romance on Lushan Mountain cinema entrance. China Visual information

Because of that hint of "political overtones", continuity of the special status of Lushan.

Since liberation, Lushan mountain in Jiangxi provincial government directly most of the time on the administrative system. The 50 's of the last century, it was in the jurisdiction of the Administrative Board in South, but soon returned to Jiangxi provincial government, for being level.

The "cultural revolution" period, the authority into a revolutionary Committee of Lushan mountain in Lushan, down to the County and section. In 1977, the Lushan administration restored, still owned by Jiangxi province.

In 1980, the Lushan Administration changed its name to Lushan district people's Government under Jiujiang city. Just over 4 years, the State Council approved the establishment of Mount Lushan scenic area administration (General external hereinafter referred to as "Lushan administration"), the return of Lushan mountain in the province.

This particular old Lushan people proud.

Yin Yinyuan remember 88 years old, a child has a school, he and several classmates to see Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling in the Union Church (now the Romance on Lushan Mountain cinema is located) walk. Reminds them of the teacher's reminder, stand on the side of the two bows.

Song meiling enjoys, and nanny took candy from a sedan chair. She put candy to the children, also touched on the head. Chiang Kai-shek was looking, smiling.

Had Cao Tianyong retired from the Lushan hotel, staff around former premier Zhou Enlai.

He said Premier Zhou was amiable, no shelves, when wanting pictures with everyone. His most memorable was the September 1970 in September, after Mao in Lushan meeting of the second plenum of the ninth General Assembly staff and waiters.

"In the open space in front of the tunnel, time is 2:14 P.M.. "Cao Tianyong said, as was the staff of the Prime Minister, standing position is near the leaders, when his mind is almost empty," just remember Chairman Mao is very tall, waving at everyone, never spoke. "

In 1980, just faded a little bit political Lushan, because a film called Romance on Lushan mountain soared in popularity once again.

It's a shot in Lushan love movie, the classic "new China's first screen Kiss" makes it popular.

Lushan in many people's minds, when Chung came up all of a sudden a lot of people on the mountain. Just started doing tours of guling a bed is hard to find, tourists can only rest in temporary stadiums, schools, and even the cinema.

Worth mentioning is that the Romance on Lushan mountain also over a 30-year television and tourism representative samples.

Originally transformed from Union Chapel Lam Ling Dong Valley cinema has since changed its name to Romance on Lushan Mountain cinema. Since 1980, it only shows the Romance on Lushan mountain film, 365 days a year, day 1-2, reception serves nearly 2 million viewers.

If you look back at the last century 80 's mountain, it is not inferior.

Data show that in 1988, visitors to 857,000 visitors in Lushan, Huangshan tourist just 504,000 passengers.

But by 1997, Huangshan tour [600054] successfully landed on the domestic a-share market, tourists more than 1.07 million passengers. Just elected world heritage site Lushan has not ushered in the explosive growth of tourists, also in 1997, its visitor numbers for 896,200, only 4.6% over the 1988.

Lushan is unattractive, yet? For years, many people for its "pulse interrogation", the most frequently mentioned is the "mountain rule."

For a long time, Lushan is just like a big cake, by multiple local or partition management.

Especially in the 80 's, the Lushan had six managers. Xingzi County, Shannan Prefecture, mount Lushan district in the North of the southwest corner of Jiujiang County, portion control at the foot of Lushan, respectively. Lushan nature reserve and part of the reclamation field also holds the Lushan mountain in Lushan jurisdiction. Finally left to the jurisdiction of the Lushan mountain scenic area administration, only accounts for 14% of Lushan mountain top part.

Jiangxi province has tried several times to break the pattern. 80 's last century in Lushan scenic area authority was first established, the provincial government will send experts to the Lushan mountain research, located in Lushan city ideas forward. Since 1996, 2000, and 2010, which envisaged several times on the agenda, but the end result of delimitation, the distribution of benefits and problems such as streamlining use.

Complex psychological

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

Jiangxi Lushan is shrouded in clouds. China Visual information

People have views of Lushan mountain, everybody wants to play "Lushan".

They don't like the called suburbs in Jiujiang city Lushan district, received a letter packages often confused the address.

They also don't like the train station located in Jiujiang County, Shahe town called Lushan station. It is obviously far from Lushan, outsiders do not know, that got off the train and went to Lushan.

A few years ago, Zhelin Reservoir scenic area, Jiujiang city Lushan xihai called, make them laugh. The place more than 80 kilometres away from the Lushan, relationship, eight bands are not.

Xingzi County, has been put on the agenda and the packed city, Lushan mountain people also have a psychological complexity.

They want to rationalize the system, again uneasy about the uncertainties that might arise after the city.

It is said that city of Lushan, xingzi County, but not merged. Different dialects, traffic between the two places are not convenient, contact rarely in modern times, distance and lack of intimacy.

Others, exploitation and protection of tourism resources in xingzi County on consciousness is still relatively backward. Such as the white deer hollow Academy, Lushan scenic area administration management, is the junction of the two places. In earlier years, mountain time many people cut down trees around the College, xingzi Authority communicated many times, but to no avail.

Also concerns after the city of Lushan was "dragging". After all, less mountain people, small size, management more manageable. If the economy is relatively backward in xingzi County on to say will not affect the existing Lushan people welfare.

But in the outside world, these ideas are all people of Lushan condescension at work. After all, due to historical reasons, the Lushan have seen much higher level, better economic conditions than under the mountain. Xingzi County, alone, is as a prefecture-level city of Jiujiang, they will not buy it.

In this connection, Lushan themselves admit. They feel that this is not a day for two days to develop, like many elderly people have few and leader of photo, photos framed on the wall, often will feel proud.

Older people, young mountain people may not be able to understand.

"$Literal" Lu ran (not his real name) also has a photo album at home, is the father in Lushan at the reception and some of the leaders of the group photo. He often turned out the aftertaste, and by the time, Lu ran nothing.

"All over, even now, see a national leader is not a big deal. "As one of the few still in the mountains of" Lushan indigenous ", Lu ran just under a small shop, the monthly rent is 13,000 yuan.

Reading went to Nanchang Lu ran before and after graduation returned to Kuling. He says back is cozy and small endemic human touch. Before the Spring Festival this year, Lu ran and his family stayed down for more than 10 days, came home only to find the key in the door, home and all is well.

But from the point of view of development, ease of Lushan is facing a real test.

According to Lushan scenic area administration staff said, with ticket number for statistics, around Lushan number about 1.3 million visitors per year. Comparison of Huangshan tourism annual report, in 2015, the visitors into the mountains of Huangshan reception is 3.1828 million people.

Jiujiang city, according to the statistics data website, in 2015, the Lushan mountain scenic area administration total of 431 million Yuan, down 43.5%. In January-March this year, fiscal revenue for Lushan scenic area administration 66.52 million Yuan, down 47.6%.

With the concomitant, is on the mountain of "Lushan indigenous" less and less.

Old people have died, young people to a greater platform to the distance. In 2012, the Lushan mountain scenic area administration in order to reduce the environmental pressure on the Hill leading departments moved in Williams town mountain town, while supporting, as well as thousands of newly constructed residential buildings.

Considering that old man winter, in 2015, just retired from the mount Lushan scenic area administration Zhang (not his real name) has also bought a house in the mountains. He said in recent years the mountain level of health care and education are on the decline, resulting in many people for the children and the elderly in Lushan moved under.

Zhang was willing to live in the mountains.

Half a century ago, and his family in guling Gorge road in an old Villa in Hankou. When summer comes, insects and birds, Breeze, is his deep thought on Lushan.

Today, the old villas into a star, Zhang did not go off. The mountain was seen by many as the homeland may no longer be used. Battle for top selling children s book of Charles