Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Zhengzhou teachers college falling dead responded he claimed to be mind control

Early big five, a teacher at the school of Zhengzhou railway vocational and technical college in the fall dead.

Determined by the police after the crime scene investigation in line with falling dead. School said it appeared the illusion was the "mind control".

"Reflection", "I want a place of reasoning" Guangxi primary school principals send 2 88 million

Recently, the Henan business daily journalist received a public, "I want a fair argument. "

Reflect Gu woman who lives in xingfu road, erqi district of Zhengzhou, her husband Li, 46, of Zhengzhou railway vocational and technical college English teacher, taught at the College for 22 years.

Ms Gu reflected, the first month of this year 9:14 A.M. evening, her husband and the school Secretary after the phone call, arranged to meet at 10 o'clock in the morning the school reflected problems at work. 11 points to go home for lunch, said 12 o be schools Secretary. She later received notice that said her husband falls to death at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in school.

According to police survey the scene, ruled out the possibility of criminal cases, she and her relatives also agreed with this conclusion.

But in her view, the husband before leaving home and 9 year old daughter tutor English, "predecessors of the incident, why the sudden jump? "

Her even more unacceptable is that after the accident, "school leaders are indifferent, her husband's remains were soaked in cold water for more than 10 hours after the fighting, was moved to the nearby small aisles next to his Office. "

"A school" he claims is controlled by brain

Li falls to death, a Zhengzhou railway vocational and technical college of the note.

That morning, and did State Pedagogical Academy, Li telephoned Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the General party branch, said they had been "mind control".

At 10 o'clock in the morning, and in the Office of the Secretary of, Li still said they had been "mind control". Secretary gives comfort and advice.

After the incident, the school established a working group, has been in communication with the family, hoping to work in accordance with the relevant policies and guidelines as soon as possible and properly handle the aftermath.

For families called the title problems, after verification, the school was informed that Li had never reported to the school had high titles, and school leaders did not talk about it on the day.

Schools are clearly informed, not liable for the death of Li, the difficult rescue of the family best efforts, if there are differences of opinion can be resolved through legal channels.

In its statement of case, reflection of the school authorities invoked the school teacher said: 10:30 A.M. day or so, the teachers met Li at the xingfu road iron English corner, two short walk and talk about children, health conditions, Li also invited the teachers sitting in the home.