Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Inpatients in Gansu have found to be duplicate billing provincial hospital of

"Last year, a reporter asked me, reform of public hospital when medical treatment is difficult and expensive to solve? I say if you do not reduce the patients alone to change hospital is difficult to solve the difficulty. More and more patients, how many doctors are there enough of them? "

On April 12, Wei JI Wei Liu, Director of Gansu province, at the regular press conference on national health planning Commission introduced in Gansu province, the road to health care reform--serious illness investigation and intervention, disease order, promoting "three things at the village level", health education, into a family of five measures to reduce patient.

Diseases the Sort row to detect melamine incident

Liu said that Gansu province Planning Commission to pursue research and intervention policies, starting from 2013, select the number of people sick each year and high cost of five kinds of disease burden, the Organization of expert research on disease and intervention methods for a year and the following year launched five positive interventions of the people in the whole society.

"First-year intervention had diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, leukemia, five disease has sickened more than 13 million people in Gansu province, which sickened more than 13 million people crowd solves the ' difficulty ' relief. We survey each year five, has been investigating for three years now, and this is a way to reduce patient. "Liu believes that only patients can fundamentally solve" the difficulty and high cost "problem.

In order to reduce patient also has a special feature is the sort of disease spectrum in Gansu province every month discharge compared to diseases in the province, if a disease suddenly high, targeted epidemiological investigations. Liu believes that sort of disease spectrum to find food safety accidents, reduce child death played a significant role.

He "claimed" for example, "through a sort of disease spectrum, we found that the incidence of children not so much in the past, why so many? Through the investigation, later found sanlu melamine problem. ' Melamine ' was first found in Gansu province. "

Gansu has identified provincial hospital repeat billing 700 Yuan on average, County of 1100 Yuan.

Is a multi-ethnic area of Gansu province, harsh natural conditions, the economic and social underdevelopment, serious shortage of medical resources, but reform in Gansu province, and Li keqiang, Chinese medicine has been the Prime Minister's instructions deep change and Central Office, State Council Office for health care reform and national health planning Commission approval.

"The (health care) approach, poor province, a poor province, rich provinces have rich province approach, but there is a way can be rolled out nationally, it is monitoring. "In the health care reform measures highlighted on supervision was believe Liu can nationwide health care experience.

He said to reduce medical costs, for example, a patient came to him "Sue" for benign Meningioma surgery, patients spend 65,000 a day. "I called the Dean, I said did you slot machines? 65,000 a day without. " Tianjin Port 8 12 explosion investigation report

Who respond to medical personnel to get through, "ren and du Mai" becomes famous online Liu, blunt at a news conference, he said through surveys, found that repeated high fees because the hospital billing, "25,000 operation the doctor wrote it again, remember the doctor forgot again, 50,000 had lost. "

Through this incident, Gansu Provincial survey again, repeat billing 700 Yuan on average in each provincial hospital inpatients, the County is 1100 Yuan.

"This is a very bad problem, doctors wages lower or duplicate billing, repeat billing is equal to the money away, this is a cancer that if not resolved, expenses down. "Liu said, when several doctors handled more than 300 once in Gansu, Gansu repeat billing problems at once," now nobody dared to repeat billing. "