Tuesday, April 19, 2016

People s daily comments on media PAPI sauce freedom is not barbaric

"Editor's note" Zhang dejiang cancel the crime of whoring such

On April 18, the original video blogger "PAPI sauce" due to its series of videos containing foul language vulgar content, SARFT asked off the rectification.

In the present media platform to compete, "tube" and "block" while leading.

On April 20, a people's daily commentary published reviews, roll-call of the recent reorganization betta, six rooms, network platforms such as PAPI sauce. Comments pointed out that freedom, not "barbaric."

Article is as follows:

Recently, a group calling itself "beautiful and talent all in one" "net red", because using foul language in the video, whose works are under the management reorganization. Use Web platform to gather views from Uncle PAPI meters covered sauce, fellow, many of these since the influence of the media leads than traditional media. Looking at new media, development is on the rise, thriving is the fact that captures users sought after love, sentiment is true, content varies greatly, the fact that pays top academics, in the face of such "three doors", management and guidance on how best to become a problem on the table.

On April 19, network security and information technology forum held in Beijing, XI Jinping General Secretary stressed that "cyberspace is a common spiritual home of millions of people. Cyberspace clean air, good ecological environment, in line with the interests of the people. "Indeed, in McLuhan's" the medium is the message "assertion has become common sense today, from hot threads of information to social media circle of friends, from the ubiquitous pop to full screen the barrage, even online gaming, input method, electronic red envelope is able to disseminate information and trigger interaction. The virtual world of "Pan-media", gathering mass users, expanding the influence of the media, but also blur media boundaries. Neither the page nor the application, regardless of "PC-side" or "mobile" used around people, numerous and diverse information chain linger in cyberspace, rendering a splendid picture of media, but also to the pressures and challenges of new media management.

Despite the strengths, weaknesses, and many media properties is the objective of the network platform. Recently, the Ministry will fish, six rooms and other network broadcast platform on the investigation list, many people found that some large live platform rush up to millions of online users. Let alone has more than 650 million monthly active users on the app, and nearly 20 million pushing more than 700,000 daily mass, public information. Free development, "savage". For new media, focused on standard, regulation is necessary. Also for this reason, only last year, the national network system by law to cancel the illegal site license or record, serious illegal websites were closed by law, 4,977 website shut down all kinds of illegal account according to law over more than 2.26 million, which is "socially responsible and accountable to the people."

Communication focus, objects of the growing trend of highlighting, warned the administration of new media, financial media, do not "meimaohuziyibazhua". Arrival "State governance bodies, and treatment order" State need is based on the clear media properties "one step forward" ... From the text, pictures, audio, video, forums, Web sites to Twitter micro-client, "form + publishing platform" has a huge portfolio. Various forms, each platform has a kind of character formation, what users, what kind of ecological, need to put in some effort carefully defined. New media platforms, into media forms, State media, there are ways to bypass the ban, alternative rules of the back door, the old way to cope with new problems will inevitably step on drums, playing the wrong beat. How to control and inclusion, innovation in parallel with order? How to do "to the vast and subtle" both tube and used well? To clarify property and organized, I am afraid that is the basis for targeted management and service engineering.

In fact, the gift of new media technology to humans, used well, it can be a great positive energy to promote social progress. From this perspective, the "tube" and "Guide" is equally important, "blocking" and "sparse" in hand. As called for by XI Jinping, Secretary, for the majority of Internet users, more tolerant and patient, constructive comments to absorb in a timely manner. In the new media, microblogging app client that mainstream media has become the main force has both a strong influence, and a strong guiding force, only the people's daily's new media has been covering 350 million users. Similarly, if you can be more inclusive, more understanding, more leverage, the different properties of "press boat" spread into the fleet, to borrow their lively, flexible and diverse forms of expression, "said they wanted to say" and "we want to talk about" can we truly achieve "invisible publicity." Only clearly defined various types of Internet media properties, root of the problem, and jizhuoyangqing, to maximize all the media are run without prejudice to others, help within the framework of the public service.

"One of the strengths of new media, will lead to the birth of a new civilization." Information carrier itself impact on civilization, culture and assimilate to be reckoned with. Build system, enhance the level of supervision, reaffirming media property, "good governance" and "use" both traditional media and emerging media integration and development tide, before bringing out the more gorgeous spray, and the media as "extension of men", and better feedback of humanity itself. (Original titled controls, but also with good--build system consisting of integrated development)