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An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng on sex is not a heresy rebels

An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng: on

Yi Heng

Know the Internet, there is a theme "how Queen C-cup this man? "Users, as a sexual and emotional bloggers, she never agreed with the nature of sacrifice for the other half to wronged girl. She is no mercy attempts to use the weak attitude to cater to male access to resources for girls.

Sounds like the 860,000 twitter followers of the popular science writer is a steely woman warrior.

One day in April, Yi Hengyue and I met in the Beijing West railway station Metro station. When I hold the phone in the crowds when the dazed look, clear and loud sound came from behind "paper". Pate, a hair girl smiling stood beside two explosion-proof Swat. Denim jacket, gray ankle-length skirt, white lace shoes, slung the little blue bags, face last round glasses, glasses frame is bright orange-red.

This is the "Queen C-cup"?

"A lot of people look at my screen name, feel I'm just a middle-aged woman more than 40 years old. "27 years old and she giggled.

"Queen C-cup" real name Yi Heng, her artist Liu Yan was the "bridesmaid" after the incident, wrote in an article: "the body is also an important battle for power, role in women's empowerment are diverse and confusing. "

Live in day time, we "open talk about sex" talked about "feminism", she said, crisp, sharp, and reveals a stream of smartness like a little girl.

She claims to be a student of feminist theory, but something into a feminist community a very powerful voice, so "feel an obligation to say something with something."


Shell network Science website editor-in-Chief Xu, China is extremely depressed, and abuse of, or in the words of scholar Jiang Xiaoyuan said, is to present a strange "sexual tension", in this context, sex in China often surrounded by superstition and rumor.

Scholars Li in for Yi Heng of book first mouth Apple of taste for sequence in the for example said, reform of early, has one General China scholars to United States access, trip arrangements in United States East, for from domestic of people vibe is located in United States West of bet City Las Vegas has best of porn performances, the scholars was in himself meager of income in the took out disproportionate of a large money, all to run to see has one performances. "Pent-up neutral to what extent in our society, so that people would think of doing such a ridiculous thing is worth it. "Li was moved.

Xu published posts through the shell team recognized that easy money. He remembers that the Yi Heng was in "groups" are very active and wrote a lot of things, are very keen to interact with users, "her methods, such as practice, discuss issues through data and scientific literature in superstition's way of thinking, and so on, are all rational performance. As far as I know, she has been in active learning related subject, from which she can touch the scope of the article clearly shows. Dissemination of these topics is very strong, because many people really care about the topic. "

(Editor's Note: the underlined text to Yi Heng Readme) I shell have a series of articles, more than 10-20 articles. After I finished the first burst of red, there is no micro-blog. Post flow is high, breaking their highest number over the years. Before long, they came to me, eager to increase the team leader for me to do. Go to the shell, to see this group, natural attractions attract have passed. After reading it I felt like a had not changed, and "in the beginning" like that, everybody was a little white, and know what it is like. I went to the various headings one by one slot. And my spouse said, you write one, you know not to write one? I say you are serious? He said write, anyway you have nothing you wrote. I said yes, I'll go write. A lot of people still ask me: "you do this your husband know? "I was like, joke, my husband pushed me up the road well.

I am registered in 2008 campus network, on campus "in the beginning" section, are sex-related topic, very red at that time, more than 80,000 visitors. The plate was very much the boys, and then I played a girl over there, everyone will think you must open (laughs), there will be school students recognize, saying "you are the people at the beginning of the" (laughs). Will somebody by harassing you, so I very early on the harassment of desensitization. You don't think they really want to "about gun", really want to at least sincere about it, they seem to simply want to you about it. It doesn't matter, they are about people. Some people will think you're "easygirl" above me in the school at that time were mostly male, college students or college students or something like that. Males of this hostility is "deviant" a hostile to women, insult you, treat you like an object, a feeling such as prostitutes.

I found myself in this piece was "shameless", and no such shame. Pen, I will forget these things, I sometimes think they are some kind of worm, no need to go with them regardless, they couldn't understand my world. Maybe I was born to be a deviant person, the heresy of his way to say that I'm going to be a rebellious person, probably until I found out that I found.


Master of science in graduate school attended during Yi Heng Tong Li articles and their professional researchers "obscure" academic articles, he was impressed, juggling with the article closer to the reader, a sense of images and imagination.

Invite Yi Heng to be before Web site columnist, "talk about love" Chinese Editor Chen Jieyu some mixed emotions. When Yi Heng on SINA weibo has more than 100,000 fans, and their website has not been formally launched. Chen Jieyu recalls that when contacting Yi Heng, pay tribute to her idol, don't know what message she would see or know each other is not the same as her screen name, has an aura of cool.

"Until that moment dial telephone, hearing her voice, I felt relieved. Phone girl is a sweet voice sounded warm, but there is some fear. She will make you feel like she was a man, and we, as a sensitive, insecure and helpless girls. "Chen Jieyu described, Yi Heng" hard and soft ".

Supposedly I should not be a gentle person, I think this might be my mom I. Told my mom are ... ... Small-town young people clubbing this will bring a lot of bias, my mother won't, she feels young people drink alcohol, release of pressure, nothing, girlfriends talking good or boys with him doing? Drank almost home, take a cab, be careful, it's nothing She will not put a label on, wearing tinted glasses, nor to "you're a bad girl" to think in this direction.

My father is fond of reading. Sexual science home comics as a child, should be foreign translations, pictures of people watching is foreigners, not Chinese. There is a similar physiological reading things in the country, very different, very dogmatic.

My College economics major and minor in any media. After graduation, psychology, is now the second class State counselor. Shell that I can speak very simple and very interesting, so everyone can understand, because I feel confident with them, because it is part of my common sense, is something I knew from an early age, I take them out. I used to think that students in the city, only more than I do, how can less than me. To the high school after the discovery environment is quite conservative: when in high school, I am 165 cm, weigh less than 90 pounds, was one of those tall skinny girls with boobs, clothes wear next to the skin, so the more garish. I high jump, long jump, the boys will be the next to whisper, they called you on your back, "enlargements", their eyes and whispered like a sticky mucus, very uncomfortable.

Girls you have "slut shaming" this word, said one of the girls wearing flair. I had no idea, "slut shaming" that phrase, but I realized that they were classified, they separated themselves and attacked the girl, by category in some way, such as "I am the good girl" that feeling, or hit others, reputation damage to others.

I feel hostility, but I won't hate my body. I seem to resist this, and later still took the "C-cup", a screen name.

As I was a very good student, but I'll fight, full of faith to violence as a child, believes violence can stop all sorts of things.

I remember once was a boy, my first grade, his third year, our (power) is very wide, when he bullied my sister, someone came to tell me, and I rushed over, recess jumping rope, I tied the rope away, people in the past (laughs). But the picture is ridiculous, because the contrast is too wide, he can't fight back. My sister was sitting in the classroom, I was playing that guy over there. She is not going to go against a man who is honest and honest. The "campus Overlord flower" reputation is out, guys don't mess with me, but the girls ran over to complain or how is possible, I would be outraged. Until grade five I was class President, as a result of the fight, the teacher is very angry, it removed the monitor.

My dad was a very strange man, he is "fighting, but not losing a fight, losing to live up to expectations, is not to cry". I think my dad is "b", "gangster" feeling. I fought all the way to high school, then no. Is probably because they know can't win (laughs), use other ways and becomes a razor.

An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng: on

Yi Heng


"Yi Hotel Beijing and assaults on female guests" broke that night, Yi Heng bursts of three micro-blog, called "rage, fear". Later in the interview, she said, "by taking possession of social capital (strong) to confrontational vulnerable, is a strong logical system of discourse. "" Accept this line of argument, does not mean that you can reach the other side that no injustice. "And that" women as a whole, is to help women help themselves. "

East China Normal University, Department of social work professional supervisor Shi Xiuxiong, though only in words and in writing, but is bullied and oppressed groups to voice their opposition and advocate, is also very brave thing.

In the Court of public opinion, Yi Heng is the kind of aggressive and not afraid and people angry people.

Fans unfollow her and found her "things are too one-sided, women only as victims of the party laid out more and more extreme."

There are also netizens who she "can't do a feminist leader, if you become a leader, but will affect the development of women's rights. "

Yi Heng exception seriously sitting in front of me, she is no "small Sisterhood" kind of woman. "I need to be leaders," she suddenly come up with this, added, "but not the feminist leaders, I want to be a powerful woman, let others have the courage and strength. Want them to say to myself, you see her go ahead, I'm not alone. "

Want to influence the world with the idea, I do not know, from an early age, growing up more and more clear.

I have brothers and sisters, I second. But the personality a lot worse. My mother was poisoned by gender discrimination, her hometown in Jiangxi where seems to be a more serious, it is believed that no son is "absolutely" that my grandparents or even my mom and dad, I also feel I have an obligation to give birth to a boy.

High school, I liked to read Wang Xiaobo, we usually put themselves in position to the hero, but not into women. I like everyone's position. Actress often does not an interesting role, because it is often reactive, being loved, well boring. You're not a passive woman, but such a positive role, to imagine what that feeling is like, you want to be a passive object.

Gender is also may bring limits, men and women are actually grow up in different cultures. Feminist theory, sadly like a window appears in front of me, some theory is very difficult, but when you will feel, that was too much fun, it wakes up your whole grow cultures used to unquestioning accept things.

Feminist theory is all about women's things you, as a woman, very likely to be involved in a common destiny of women in there. Due to the feminist theory is often critical, sometimes produces a fatalistic tragedy is so weak.

I have no theory of feminist view of learning as a professional, I was always a student of the State, has not put forward his own theory, no ability to judge, nor an expert on views. But I have so many fans, there are so many people can hear me, I might even change people. You will feel my voice is important.

Open microblogging her desire just saying make jokes, teasing fans and do not want to shoulder some of the responsibility is considered to be v of that sort of thing. Until early 2015, she received a Twitter direct message from the first two days of the girls, the girls mentioned she is sexual abuse by relatives. Forward in Twitter, the "Queen C-cup" received more than 100 letters to discuss private letters, after more than a day, another thousand.

I like standing in a room, looking around, all the girls, hundreds of thousands, in each corner, mobile phone screens against their faces, and then the tears will fall, very painful to recall this matter.

And there is a sense of motivation for women to speak out. This is a common fate. Them to realize that what happens in their own body and that girls are not the only thing, there must be other injuries, in other places there. Or you may also want to seek justice--"I should not be the victim of an unknown, I shouldn't be forgotten victims of mine victims should be aware of. " Zhejiang construction judgment the High Court

But in reality, she may not be able to open, or she may be denied in public, parents did not believe, or believe that no measures. Victims may choose to hide away their injured message may succumb to short-term pressures, however, this inequality will always be there.

I think I'm going to do this thing, I want to know, how many people still recall this incident in a dark night, suffering.

Yi Heng subsequently designed a questionnaire on the sexual abuse of children, from February 2015 to June, completed a questionnaire sample size for 17,522. She asked me to emphasize, this is not a scientific survey, only be able to obtain first-hand information. However, very little information in this regard, this is probably the largest sample size.

Questionnaire survey preliminary analysis displayed: in on children implementation sex abuse of people, has male also has women; two-thirds of sex abuse Shi harm is acquaintances, ranking Qian ten of is neighbors and the elders relatives; in lack education of situation Xia, many children cannot clear know sex abuse is what, more not understand how protection himself; children sex abuse has was condoned acquiescence of situation; has 25.32% of insider what also didn't do; over 70% of victims no to other people disclosure himself experience sex abuse of facts.

An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng: on

Yi Heng


At this point, we have her rings outside the home. Quiet neighborhood high-rise penthouse, sunshine is good toward the South, floating window felt pads covered with a white, her knees and sat near the window, take a thin pink coral fleece blanket wrapped around her legs, her husband was napping rooms.

Yi Heng referred to her husband as "my spouse" instead of "my husband", would prefer the latter dramas like eight-point document called, too greasy.

My current husband is on Twitter know, it may be more efficient. Will find two people at least agree with the language, more talk, three views, will feel different from previous relationships, you will not want to have that kind of relationship, the failure rate is too high.

I think the relationship is a very serious matter, he should be better than "friends" concept more formally. Some people think I eat out for dinner several times with you, even watched several movies, we are both male and female friends. I'll affirm that this matter, we have not formal friendship between men and women, is still trying to contact stage.

Although I have good skin, but not as good as my spirit, a lot of people think you are a sweet and silly white girls, oblivious of what your inner soul is. I hate it when men say "you pretty good, I love the wayward you, I adore you", I feel an idiot, I'm more spiritual than my appearance looks.

I (and my husband) aspires to set up different against traditional marriage, "the men outside the home, women" or "man what to do, what women want to do" this abhorrence of "boys to spoil the girls" scoffed at this. We strive for rational communication, want to weaken a gender perspective. Have children in the future and do not want her own girl sorry, at least at home. Well, I want her to be proud of themselves as women.