Monday, July 4, 2016

Lai photos are in public primary school students according to Yulin Shanxi said

Lai photos are in public primary school students according to Yulin, Shanxi, said: omissions

Yulin, Shaanxi published in the current issue of Lai in the list have a small student graduation.

China business daily news on July 5, the morning of July 4, Shaanxi Yulin City Intermediate Court announced a new edition of the list of Lai, a Lai photo particularly interesting, this picture to black and white photos, seems to be a primary school student's graduation. That night, the Yulin City Intermediate Court responded that there are omissions.

The morning of July 4, Yulin City Intermediate Court in the letter, released to the public a set of information of Lai for breaking, including execution, breach of personal information such as photos, a photo student has fueled special interest: breach of trust executed Shi Yinyu artificially, you can see from the information, born in 1981, 35 years old. Some netizens questioned, such exposure can do the trick, court practices suspected of harboring the Lai, questionable practices.

In this regard, Yulin, hospital officials told the Chinese newspaper reporters in the morning of July 4, the Academy released a list of the credibility in the sixth instalment was executed in Yulin City (four), lose the trust of the people in the list of pictures of Shi Yinyu (student photo) from the household registration system, this photo is his early pictures. Due to its second generation ID card information cannot be checked and other photo, t-Shi Yinyu is used only in the household registration system can be found in this picture. Kunming Community funding difficult the verge

After the release of photos, some netizens commented, the exposure is difficult to achieve the purpose exposure pictures of their student through this photo to identify Shi Yinyu now is really difficult, "it's hard to reach the goal of our exposure, that is indeed our omissions, our friends understand! We will, through various means according to law, improve the work and avoid the occurrence of similar situations. "The official said.