Friday, July 8, 2016

Xinhua News Agency investigations a buy Web site gambling related marketing

Hangzhou Xinhua News on July 8, one will be able to participate in the draw of Apple mobile phones mobile phone recharge cards, 100,000 Yuan or even car ... ... A recent Indiana purchased, one cloud, and so many Web sites attract the participation of a large number of Internet users, staged a "Lottery orgy".

However reflect hundreds of participants to the journalists, they lost hundreds of thousands of millions of Yuan on these platforms, cast doubts on the platform is equivalent to an online casino, I hope the relevant authorities scrutiny.

Mired in "a buy" unable to extricate themselves, lost 3 million Yuan

On July 6, Gong Xingliang netizens and some "one bought" friends come to Beijing, in front of the building for NetEase, they play the "raise the guise of doing something with gambling" banner.

"We do not expect money back, just wanted this site to be able to close, because it harmed a lot of people. "Gong Xingliang said.

Said Gong Xingliang, exposed to NetEase since last May's "one Indiana", and other similar platforms, such as a purchase, and this year lost more than 3 million Yuan. "Now my little business is closed, also takes a lot of money, credit cards have been exhausted. "

Journalist to join a "victim" micro-groups, over more than 100 across the country for "a buy" friends told reporters that they were losing money, tens of thousands of millions of, some people divorce, loan sharks, and some even have thoughts of suicide.

What is "a buy", why is there so much damage? Experienced journalists. Open a "a buy" Web site, first thing I see is "iPhone6s, the only difference is this 1 a Rob" such a tempting advertisement. Yuntaishan scenic area falling rock kills tourist

To participate in the draw, simple steps, first to recharge, "a buy" a joy to buy beans, give joy bean to snap up commodities. Such as a price tag of 6480 joy beans iPhone6s, participants can at least spend a happy beans get a lottery number, however you are prompted into beans, the more joy, higher probability of winning, such as spend 3000 happy beans, would have nearly half of all the odds. Sold as 6,480 lottery draw code after the computer then randomly a number becomes a winner. In addition, the platform also computers, large mobile phone recharge cards and even a BMW.

Gong Xingliang, a lot of people told reporters that has lured in this way, they are almost addictive, stuck inside unable to extricate themselves. "Like in a casino, is very exciting. Everybody to get a high winning rate is a lot of money, you can always lose-win less. Buy larger in order to recoup, deeper than deep. "

Reporters saw a 1000 phone card sold in less than 10 seconds and immediately lottery, which sold almost at the next round of Awards began. On just one platform, prepaid card has 1000 Yuan Lottery more than 110,000 times.

"Unlike most lottery is a lottery a few days later to get a cooling off period here makes the impulse to buy, buy buy buy a mobile. "One friend said, because his one night to buy prepaid card lost 180,000 yuan.

"A buy" Web site on the Internet is popular, attract millions of Internet users to participate. Baidu to enter "a buy" there are a lot of similar sites, such as a purchase, one draw, one digging up treasure, and so on, at least more than 20, while the APP is impossible. In one cloud on online sites, showed accumulation of participants has more than 9 billion.

Transparency has been challenged, experts advise "a buy" suspected of gambling

A lot of "a buy" friends play questioned, this pattern is not an ordinary shop, but a disguised form of lotteries and gambling, "he is not limiting the number of your money, but to tempt you to spend more money. Like the 100,000-dollar mobile phone recharge cards, simply cannot be used for own consumption, but to let you cash out. "

In addition, playing with friends, site lottery is instant lottery, not transparent, nor be notarized, they question whether the sites internal manipulation, "anyway, we have to make money. "One friend said.

Reporters also found on these sites about 20% of the goods are priced much higher than the market value, such as 1000 's of mobile phone recharge cards, to 1200 to Lottery, also means that prepaid card price is 1200 RMB 1000 Yuan, the site gained huge profits.

Zhejiang Teng chi Xia Jiapin said law firm partner, from nature, one money you might have a chance or probability, such acts belonging to the civil behavior of aleatory contract. Organizations subject to such acts in our country, is needed on the administrative examination and approval, without the approval and often engaged in such acts for illegal operations, such as lottery ticket sales. If organizations in practical operation, the operators, through deceptive means to control the rate of winning and winning, you may also be arrested for fraud.

Zhejiang University Law School Center for Internet criminal law Director Gao Yandong said, "a buy" and the difference between regular gambling, General gambling direct gambling, gambling goods and property, thus suspected of gambling and aleatory. "If is cheap type (businesses not for ' a Yuan purchased ' and from commodity Shang additional profit) of ' a Yuan purchased ', can put it considered a new sales mode, on it for guide specification and service Yu market; and if is premium type (as market 3000 Yuan of phone eventually sold have 5000 Yuan) of ' a Yuan purchased ', businesses using consumers of speculation psychological Gets additional interests, disrupt has fair trade order, if businesses tapped, and additional profit reached 5000 Yuan, on may constitute gambling crime. "

Outbreak of the new regulation cannot be "blind"

For the legality of the platform, NetEase public relations department does not have to reply, but said: "the platform is absolutely fair, drawing the final results according to NetEase do not control third-party data to ensure that no one can interfere with the results. Transparency of information, the user can always view each product's participation, participation, their participation in the list and access to product information and other records. "

Many netizens, such "a buy" at the beginning people hold a "chance" mentality of entertainment, sometimes surprising, but slowly the platform to lure Internet users to become a professional "people" is addictive.

Gao Yandong, for innovative marketing mode that society should encourage, innovation must not break the law but the bottom line, disturbed the normal market order.

Professional Committee of China Federation of commercial media, released in May reported that many online shopping platform under the name of e-business innovation, creation of so-called "one Indiana" or "bought" disguised form of gambling, such as platform, called on the relevant departments to investigate as soon as possible.

Reporters noted that the Internet Lottery due to lack of norms was widely criticized, has stopped selling for over a year. And the current resurgence of some sites, re-sale of tickets on the sly or in "a buy" way of walking. Experts say, for the new situations and new, relevant departments should timely monitoring and supervision for Internet users to create clean Internet environment.