Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wudu district in Longnan of Gansu province were found primary school tests large

According to local bar online leaks, 2016, wudu district of Longnan city, Gansu province elementary school graduation test examination of large area leakage problem. The afternoon of June 28, wudu District School Board staff response to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), said the Bureau has been involved in the investigation, "the really leak problem, has yet to be investigated".

Public information, 2016, wudu district the examination for primary school tests, 7069, and on June 25, in the region of 36 test points (District 7) simultaneously, wudu District Education Bureau sent a patrol to the test points, test the whole process of inspection supervision.

News noted the surging, wudu District Education Bureau network circulated a report released on June 27, the wudu Bureau on Internet reactions I graduated from 2016 to test "release entitled" notes on case (hereinafter "the note"). Wudu District School Board staff confirmed to the news the surging, wudu district that the note by the Bureau of publications.

Description said, for users reflect situation, wudu district Bureau said, a is established specifically survey group, now up in-depth full district 36 a test points for survey forensics; II is obliges organization this test of related unit room personnel made deep check, seriously reflection, on this times monitoring exam link problem detailed Combs, formed deep detailed of written report; three is full district 36 a test points seriously carried out self-examination, for exam process and the all responsibility link made clear of description; four is serious held responsibility, on after survey forensics, Do fraud relating to personnel, serious accountability, will not tolerate involving violations of laws and regulations, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility to resolutely safeguard fair education. Yunnan family of seven in a year 4 people abducted

"The really leak problem, are still awaiting investigation. "Wudu District School Board staff, rose in the area in accordance with the" scribing in compulsory education schools admissions, corresponding entry "approach, according to the scoping, direct counterparts in school. Candidates there are no pressures, "quizzes" only as a reference on evaluation of teaching in primary schools, with students graduating from elementary school into junior high school No.