Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Old woman in Sichuan made eight word with 13 year old granddaughter consummation

Old woman in Sichuan made

Girl from a building site. Pictures from the Internet Beijing cultural relics Bureau said Princess of

"Guangan in Sichuan Huaying International Plaza, for instance a girl falls" event, staff of the Lands Department surnamed Tang in Huaying City Public Security Bureau told surging July 20 News (www.thepaper.CN), from a girl surnamed Wang because of poor health, her grandmother Tang who suffers serious reactionary superstition, "eight-word" Katie granddaughter for treatment. Katie said treatment need "consummation", at the consent of the Don King a sexual assault, the King a suicide then committed suicide by jumping. The two persons involved were arrested.

Multiple users July 12 micro-blog post, 12th, around 9 o'clock in the morning, guangan in Huaying City International Plaza, a woman fell down, for instance, picture show, woman and almost no blood and in disarray.

Political work section above in Huaying City Public Security Bureau said, in order to ascertain the identities of the dead, July 13 in Huaying City Public Security Bureau issued circular. Informed shows that dead man between the ages of 12 and 16 years old, standing about 143cm, body lean, long hair, wearing a black and white horizontal striped short sleeve t-shirt (chest with "QP"), the next dressed in black jeans, casual shoes black white side (upper with "r").

Huaying City Public Security Bureau official Twitter "@ peace Huaying," informed the night of July 19 said on July 12, heroic women in the international community, building b, falls are identified from a woman surnamed Wang, 13, lived in Huaying city Yang he Zhen Guan Cheng Group 6.

Reported that Wang for parents who work for long periods, followed by a superstitious grandmother living with Don. Because Wang is in poor health, Tang with Wang Yang he Zhen found many times "eight-word" Katie in a superstitious way heal.

In mid-May, Katie said to cure this disease need "consummation". Consent of Tang XXX of agreed Hou, May 30, Tang xxx with granddaughter King a to Lee xxx home first for "of water" called King a drink Xia, Lee XXX and Tang xxx will King a with to Lee xxx home near of small mountain Shang, Tang xxx way stopped, Lee xxx continues to will King a with to a small Woods Hou, on King a implementation has sex invasion. When this happens, Wang felt anger, severe depression, and suicide, wanted to die to prove his innocence. From July 6 to 11th, Wang has left four suicide notes and 2 after recording the last words, the morning of July 12 committed suicide by jumping from the roof, building b, the international community, for instance.

Political section said above in Huaying City Public Security Bureau, July 13 at 23 o'clock the suspect LI and Tang arrested. At present, the two men under criminal detention by public security organs and the case is under further investigation.