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Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid and lived there for more than

Pick up the couch, pick up bed. Staying here for the dozens of people waiting to pay message, they are most afraid of is the dark, at night to play mobile phone become their unique form of entertainment. They lived in the uncompleted for more than 10 years, although the House is not decorated, as well as "sinkhole", is not security, but in order to get paid, they don't want to go.

Users post

Uncompleted door has a "sinkhole"

Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid, and lived there for more than 10 years

Bust down the "sinkhole" is not safe.

Yunnan Kunming tuodonglu and there is a building called "Crystal 100" uncompleted, and white on the outer wall of a crack in that it does have quite a few years, a few shops on the first floor have been closed, only the extension East of soy sauce and a ceramics shop in the store is still open for business. This apartment building has 16 floors, 1 to 5 floors for commercial buildings.

Recently, owners of the uncompleted on the net, said access to the intersection of this building has a "sinkhole", it's not safe, there's no choice but to post in the forums for help.

Chuncheng evening news reporters found that the "sinkhole" is 10 meters long, four or five metres deep, "sinkhole" around the fence, but there is still a security risk. Man steals in Sichuan Lu was drowned the security

"Tuodonglu 59th Crystal building 100, because the site did not take protective safety facilities and safety warning label is not set, there is a big security risk, to prevent collapse accident occurred, immediately ordered construction stopped. "On May 24 this year, Wo Jia Zhuang communities in the Street outside the building by posting a bulletin, confirms Internet post reflects the fact is true.

The reporter

Uncompleted residential flats in the unpaid people

Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid, and lived there for more than 10 years

This looks good building is really uncompleted.

"Sinkhole" of dirt piled up in the corner of the building, blocking the building for decades, "household" door, worried about us walking on the mud pile was slipping, Zhang from the uncompleted found in bricks, lay a pathway.

Reporters along the route, through the dark corridor, along the cement on the stairs, went into the ladies and the temporary homes of the villagers. Ladies and they lived at 3/f, the whole floor without partition, villagers live in here, find a corner, thanks to the walls with wood to build a temporary home, like a simple shack. Rope tied to a few posts and hung some clothes, kitchen exposed.

Villagers living here have no TV, no washing machine, no decent furniture, old Spring mattress was picked up, pick up couches, there is a big hole, kids can drill into it.

46 years old lady's ill-fated, 9 years ago, after the death of her ex-husband home in Zhenxiong County in zhaotong, who their families come to Kunming, met current husband song master site. Zhang said, song and instructors in more than 10 years ago in the uncompleted work is mainly responsible for wall plaster work, finished the work and not get paid. 7 years ago, they come here to beg for money, did not want to, then waiting for him to wait in the uncompleted. Husbands go out to work on weekdays, with her son and daughter-in-law to a street stall selling potatoes. Children are gradually grew up has, have left has she, far to Fujian and Henan working, only boss, and old five and old seven left in has she side, with live in this building rotten tail floor in, now she has is 3 a children of Grandma has, but "Crystal mining 100" business live part of 2 layer to 5 layer also is rough room, has been free with. In fact memories, just checked in a few years, they have been living on the 2 floor. Last year, they moved to 3. Although the building elevators have been installed, but 2 to 5 layers you can use, these floor entrances are blocked up. Cement staircase there is no fence, standing on the top floor one can see the bottom. Zhang is most worried about, 3 kids living here son, now 5 years old, the youngest one, seeing children grow more naughty children to secure the guarantee.

Ms a lives here is not the longest. Zhang said her current husband's two younger brothers also live here, brothers lived here the longest is more than 10 years of time. One brother can't stick to, he went to work in the provinces. But his family also had to stay here and wait for the results.

Zhang said, lived here most of the husband of the same village the villagers. In this building when not going bust, most of these villagers live here, her husband and two younger brothers House, begging for money in the hundreds of thousands of Yuan. More than 10 years, it beg for pay the villagers Inn. To come and go, move again, at one time, lived upstairs just 2 for 18 people. Some families children are too young, in order to take care of the children, and had to leave, move out. Some villagers, out of work during the day and come back in the evening.

Zhang said even moved some of the villagers, but dozens of people are still living here. In the song master of memory, built this building for more than 10 years ago, after the lockout, he had lived here, because the boss his unpaid wages, had to live here.

In an interview with reporters, watching "black" sofa, the Lady sorry to let a reporter, sat on his bed. Over the years, each home visiting her relatives, she never brought back "Kunming". Zhang said, uncompleted pass water, electricity is coming from elsewhere. Winter, burning coal briquettes, easy to cook at the same time, also "home" to warm.

Decision shows

Uncompleted residential flats has shut down 17

Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid, and lived there for more than 10 years

OK during the day, in the evening dark.

These unpaid said background of this buildings complex, and now they don't know who beg for money, but no matter who is going to disk access, "or money, we won't go! "

5 judgment shows taped on the walls: on January 12, 1998, a construction company in Yunnan province signed a construction contract with a housing company in Yunnan province, because you cannot pay progress payment, resulting in project work stoppage cause economic losses, so the building will house company to court. On September 1, 1999, was forced to suspend construction, now 17 years old. Kunming intermediate people's Court judgment the parties terminate the construction contract and owed millions of Yuan works.

In addition, a copy of the notice, the construction company said the construction of the building belongs to them, they have to apply to the Court to implement.

Song master, who came here to post publicity and legal instruments, and advocating building belongs. Reporter called the construction company on the public phone number, but nobody answered. Reporters trying to find the House in company, know what is happening, but could not be found.