Friday, June 24, 2016

Zhejiang Lishui landslide accident survey results released 2 persons were punished

Hangzhou Xinhua News on June 24, Lishui city, Zhejiang Province announced the Survey Department on the afternoon of the liandu district James town in the East Village "11·13" large findings of geological disasters of landslide and the related units and personnel to deal with, in which 2 people suspected of crimes be held criminally responsible, 9 relevant responsible persons and 3 accountability for qualification of geological disaster prevention and control units are processed.

10:50 P.M. November 13, 2015, liandu district, Lishui city ya East Village landslide in the town, leaving 38 people dead, 1 injured. Zhejiang Provincial people's Government formed by the provincial Department of land and resources, the provincial work safety supervision Bureau, the provincial Department of supervision, the provincial public security Department, Lishui and investigation group comprising interested parties, invited the people's Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province sent personnel to participate in, and land and natural resources, transport, utilities and other experts involved in the investigation.

Investigation team, according to the relevant laws and regulations, technical specifications and standards, a comprehensive collection of analysis of landslide geological and meteorological data, access to relevant information, conduct field sampling and post-disaster investigation, investigation for related personnel, establishment of three-dimensional digital model of landslide, through repeated research and identified reasons for the damage, and put forward recommendations on the relevant units and who. Wenwan walnut clusters to tens of thousands of

Investigations found that the "11·13" landslide in terrain is high and steep, complex geological structure, weathering of rocks breaking and long-term rainfall formed by mega-disasters. Before the disaster, geological disaster risk management project is being implemented in the region, designated no-go areas and impact area, 98 people have been avoiding moving within the danger zone. But parties of landslide geological conditions imposed by the project complexity and the lack of awareness on disaster risk, have implemented cutting, anchorage, fail to effectively provide slope stability, safety monitoring and early warning is not in place, thereby failing to completely avoid the occurrence of geological hazards.

For survey in the found of geological disaster governance engineering exploration, and design, and construction, and supervision and management in the exists of problem, according to about legal regulations and discipline disciplines provides, about sector on 2 name suspected criminal personnel law held criminal, on 9 name about responsibility people and 3 home geological disaster control qualification units for responsibility held processing: on, Lishui city, liandu District Deputy Chang Ye Jianguang give commandments Mian talk, and ya Brook town Secretary of the Sun Haibo give party serious warning disposition; on ya Brook town Deputy Mayor Jiang Jianyun give party serious warning And administrative demotion; Deputy Director of liandu district Bureau of land and resources in Lishui administrative warning Tan Wei; for controlling engineering construction geological development, geological, Vice General Manager of Zhejiang Hua Kun Chen Heping, Zhou Furong punishment imposed reducing the level senior engineers; Kun geological development co of the parent unit to China geological group captain by Gong Xin of Zhejiang Province 11th administrative demerit ; Engineering investigation and design units of governance geological Brigade seventh branch of Institute of geological environment in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, senior engineer Wu Ruiqing reducing disciplinary actions on seventh brigade Chief Engineer of geology in Zhejiang Province Wang Chengliang administrative demerit. Of governance projects actual construction contractor Li shengsu and Zhu Yuelin, by judicial organs shall be investigated for criminal liability relating to this project in Jiangsu Province, the third geological Brigade personnel from relevant departments in Jiangsu Province seriously.

It is understood that the liandu district, Lishui city will accelerate East landslide disaster management and the affected public housing construction, eliminate the threat of geological disasters, protect people's lives and property safety.