Thursday, June 9, 2016

Men 4 men Fujian 22 released applications for more than 30 million State

Men 4 men, Fujian 22 released applications for more than 30 million State compensation

On February 4, 2016, Putian, Fujian, a little after 6 o'clock in the evening, Xu Yusen's mother arrived at the HANJIANG prison pickup, after seeing his son excitedly hugged his son not to put. Visual information in China

Recently, Xu Jinlong men jailed for 22 years, Fujian men presented to the Fujian High Court including liberty Awards, damages and various appeals costs, totaling 9.896 million worth of applications for State compensation. With his co-defendants and 3 "former" were also recently put forward the application for State compensation, 4 people have applied for State compensation in the total amount of more than 30 million Yuan.

"Our materials have been received by the Court, and now we are waiting for a court case notifications. "Xu Jinlong surging on news (www.thepaper.CN) said.

Turbulent news has reported, in January 1994, the Putian City were killed Zhong men Zhen Yue Fan Cunyi elderly people living at home before, robbing money, same Lian XING Cun Zhen Xu Jinlong, Cai Jinsen, Xu Yusen, Zhang Mei to 4 young people identified as suspects by the police. A woman journalist who died due to domestic violence

In June 1995, the Putian intermediate court made the first-instance judgment imposed Cai Jinsen death sentence on charges of robbery, Xu Jinlong, the three men to death. They will appeal the decision appealed, in April 1999, the final maintenance of Cai Jinsen, Fujian high court reprieve sentence and commuted Xu Jinlong, Xu Yusen, Zhang Meilai into a suspended death sentence.

Xu Jinlong was only made 4 out of confessions of guilt, the remaining 3 confession after people involved in the prosecution say there is no time of crime, and where clear day of the murder.

Fujian High Court after the judgment of the Court of final appeal, Xu Jinlong, Xu Yusen, Zhang Meilai and his family continue the appeals. In 2007, the Fujian High Court rejected their appeals, two years later, also ruled that no case retrial.

In 2013, the prosecutors reviewed the case in Fujian province, and in February 2014 retrial prosecution recommendations made, that the facts are not clear and the evidence is insufficient. August of the same year, performed well in prison get mitigating Cai Jinsen prisoners out of jail several times after complaints had been filed, he decided together with Xu Jinlong, such as 3 complaints.

In December 2015, the Fujian High Court decided to retry the case. February 2016, the Fujian High Court retrial, after that ruling found that Xu Jinlong, 4 people to be victims of burglary and murder of facts are not clear, the lack of evidence cannot be found four people guilty, should be corrected in accordance with law, declared the 4 of them not guilty.

Innocence after 4 months, they are presented to the Fujian High Court application for State compensation. Xu Jinlong said, both in written pleadings or at trial, he would adhere to the statement of innocence and, finally, was sentenced to death, commuted death sentence, spent 22 years in prison. "Loss of time is priceless. "

In the application for State compensation, Xu Jinlong wrote: "in June 1995, I was sentenced to death, commuted death penalty with a reprieve of second instance until April 1999. Each day in the five years I was in fear and despair through every major holiday, will be desperate to guess that next execution it is her own. "

Xu Jinlong said that according to their own situation, he submitted to the Fujian High Court compensation for restriction of personal freedom more than 1.936 million Yuan, moral damage compensation of 2 million Yuan and the loss arising from complaints of 5.96 million Yuan, amounted to more than 9.896 million Yuan, Cai Jinsen, Zhang Meilai, Xu Yusen triple also put forward more than 7 million, more than 7 million and more than 9.8 million worth of applications for State compensation.

Xu Jinlong also requested to hold when investigators accountable. "I am not guilty by confession. Investigation error serious violations of my rights, my health has caused irreparable damage. "