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Black bear cub in less than 6 months into the downtown district of Changchun

Black bear cub in less than 6 months into the downtown district of Changchun, multi-sectoral spending 4 hours to capture

Wansheng Central District three pipes lie on a small black bear downstairs, the owners after the alarm, fire protection, public security departments and the last staff back to the little black bear zoological garden. New culture network

The night of June 3 11:30, Changchun City East Grand street and Wansheng Central community away from the Department of Jilin road, continuous fire trucks, patrol cars and Government vehicles. People in the car were in a hurry and enter the compound, because the community has "bear" ... ...

Think dogs and cats is bear

Found that residents of this black bear cub named Zhang Jian, he lives in the district, building 6, 3/f. That night, he discovered by accident sustained a dark figure, "I thought it was a cat, look like, later thought could be the dog, but the dog will not climb the wall. "Zhang Jian from his drill out the window to see what?

"I would have thought was a bear claws are long and pointed face, chest hair and a white, Crescent-shaped. "Zhang Jian recalls, he was startled, Cubs also fear not, turn around and huddled in a corner.

Lover of Zhang Jian said the Cubs who approached, also issued the low roar of whistling in his throat.

Police officers are not really a bear

"I made a circle of friends, there are pictures and videos. "Zhang Jian said he called friends, but friends or not. Later, he chose to call the police, "no, I am afraid there are malicious people trying to eat the bear? "Zhang Jian said, because it was in the black bear found in the downtown area, he also made people laugh.

"Who can believe that the community will bear? Connecting police interrogated me several times, let me confirm that really is a bear? "Zhang Jian said that he played 110 first, and then dial the fire call, police officers are very puzzled.

Changchun Yatai squadron of firefighting detachment leader Yang Qiao than says, "really didn't bear, arrived on the scene at only confirm that really is a bear. "

Bear butt hanging outside the building for two or three hours

With the sector came to rescue of people increasingly more, small bear cub panicked, along sustained Taiwan of cement wall a slipped trot, quickly to turned had cement wall, and wall outside is is away from ground has three layer floor high of East Sheng Street, "small bear cub of ass hanging in outside, two a forelimb, with claws hook live wall Shang, hanging with has two or three hours. "Yang Qiao over said rescuers who are afraid of taking any action, fear the bear desperate to release the claws fall off.

One witness said Cubs until they are caught, untouched places, just left turn right turn and look. Since then, the firefighters ' actions, two soldiers in slow down take out equipment, ready to catch directly. "Animals rescue Squadron is the first time, fearing it feral, hurt, do not know its habits. Most important is that fire is not against these animals equipped with professional capture tool, very tricky, so take the way to minimize risk, guarantee bear cannot be injured. "Squadron instructor Pan Liming said.

Capture the Cubs early this morning with a dip NET

"A number of departments arrived on the scene, emergency, fire, and police and Forestry Department. "The residential property manager Chang Yihang said.

Confrontation in Cubs and rescue personnel after 4 hours, at 4 o'clock in the morning, Changchun animal and plant park staff to the scene, according to Wang junfeng, Director of the Park feeding said: "do not know the size of the bear, outfit, including a tranquilizer gun, found a bear cub, figure is small, you can control, so use dip nets capture the bear. "

Wang junfeng said, when little bear who hides, hanging in the corner, it was dark, bad sight, one of the keepers bear hanging position with dip nets to try bear frightened, ran slow. Across from a staff member, bear and scared and ran back with a broom, the result into the dip NET, which successfully captured. "Seen from the figure, the bear was born in January, less than half a year old, had long teeth can hurt. Back to the park were quarantined, haven't made detailed checks, appearances and was not injured. "

Bear or settled in the Zoological and botanical gardens

Black bear cub in less than 6 months into the downtown district of Changchun, multi-sectoral spending 4 hours to capture

Quarantine the little bear in the Zoological field not to eat or drink, lying at the top of the wire. New culture network

11 o'clock noon, Zoological and botanical gardens, the captured bear cub was sent to the "quarantine". Park kept Captain Zhao said: "imported into the Park's animal quarantine at the quarantine, no exceptions can be put into the Park homes, this little bear has a variety of black bear, chest v-white-haired is one of its characteristics. "

In an isolated cage, Cubs climbing the barbed wire at the top of, the breeder said: "to the new environment, it does not meet the, and terrified, I grab an Apple or carrot, don't eat it. "

Wang junfeng said, if nothing else, Cubs will be in the Zoological and Botanical Gardens home.


Individuals have the bear is an offence

Catch the Cubs quickly spread, everyone is wondering how this bear ran to the community? Doubts raised in residential property owners, but from the police to bear was captured, the owner has not appeared, bears owner also knows an offence.

Jilin Ji Xiang lawyer Haibo Liu, said black bears belong to national key protected animals, No. 341 of the Penal Code provides that the illegal purchase, transportation and sale of rare animals under special State protection, to 5 years ' imprisonment or criminal detention and fines.

At present, the police are investigating the source of black bear.


About black bears Occupational fraud bought expired goods claims

Total of 7 subspecies of Asian black bear. Length of 150 cm ~170 cm, weight about 150 kilograms. Jet-black hair and long, white Chin, chest has a "v"-shaped white spot. Inhabits mountain forests, mainly active during the day, good climb, swim, walked upright. The black bears hibernating habits of the North, to mid-3 ~ April hole activity. Mating in the summer, each tire 1~3. Located in the eastern part of Eurasia, Taiwan, and Japan and other forest areas.