Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hunan Xinhua a teacher molesting a girl involved was arrested the edb hold it

Hunan Xinhua a teacher molesting a girl involved was arrested, the edb: hold it, Suo Wen denied

Users post a teacher suspected of molesting a girl in eight, Xinhua reported.

Recently, netizens posted in loudi city, Hunan province, Xinhua reported eight a teacher suspected of molesting the girl, attracted wide attention. June 15, Xinhua Bureau to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirm this, the teacher concerned had been closed, the Elimination of class position and was 10th in administrative detention by public security organs.

NET request processing again on eight high school teachers molesting a young girl, Xinhua said, on May 26 at about 10 o'clock in the morning, eight teachers, Xinhua Yang on the grounds of exercise books, serve a certain female students into the school dormitory, to serve a certain forced cuddle Kiss, for rape. Instructions of desperate resistance, Yang did not succeed. After the incident, Yang in the evening police arrested by trees she grows, Public Security Bureau, Xinhua. Sichuan Ziyang of a mentally retarded man who

On June 12, the Bureau of public response, Xinhua said, according to the public security authorities, it May 26 at 10 o'clock in the morning, class 334 trees she grows to middle school teacher Yang Zihui to move workbooks from Feng shouting to the women's dormitory of female students in the class room 406, in the case of service did not agree with, Yang Zihui on instructions of hugs and kisses. According to the interrogation of the county public security organs of the party, throughout the process, Yang Zihui to serve without verbal threats and other lewd acts.

Loudi News reported, "as to whether the indecent assault, according to the survey, the public security organs is not conclusive. "The Bureau in charge of the leadership, Xinhua said Yang yimin, the girl and the teacher involved being regular, and referred to as" father ". On May 26, the teacher shouted to the room girls involved, in the case of girls did not object to holding the girls, and kiss the girls refused. "We absolutely do not allow teachers in such circumstances, as an educator, teacher, compliance with ethics. "

Education Bureau, Xinhua responded publicly, online reflect the eight teachers arrested for molesting a female student, Xinhua, a Bureau, Xinhua attaches after the incident, the discipline Inspection Commission groups, monitoring the room staff quickly involved in the investigation, with the public security organs deal with.

Education Bureau officials to the surging, Xinhua News, May 27 Xinhua County Public Security Bureau decided on 10th Yang Zihui detention. On May 27, the Executive meeting of the trees she grows to high school studies, decide to give Yang Zihui, cancel the posts of teacher in charge of the process for the closure. On June 1, the County Education Bureau decided to investigate the problems of Yang Zihui, according to Yang Zihui errors according to the regulations by JI procedures.