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Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed want to

"The kidnappers asked me to take hundreds of thousands of Yuan to change and in the Dragon town, a river trade. "" My son wore a wig, the kidnappers marched down the Hill ... ... "warning people to schools, new information provided by the police – the morning of June 14, Chongqing dazu area long water a man surnamed Zhou alarm to the police: 13 year old son, little star was missing, then said her son at home after being kidnapped. Thus, the school closed, the town Government to stop off, Dazu police put hundreds of police fully investigating ... ...

Police say missing son

Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed: want to let police, teacher tube boy

Weeks in administrative detention. This pictures are first Chongqing evening news eye diagram

The Chongqing evening news, June 21, the morning of June 14, Zhou who lives in big foot long water comes rushing to long Shui Police station alarm, said son, star was missing.

Zhou told police, little star June 13 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon didn't go home after school. The night of June 13 a family looking for the whereabouts, little star, but don't have any clue.

Police say and what their little star dress features visiting the area in and around the game room, Internet point, stations, hotels and other places to find and blood collection on Zhou, his DNA was extracted.

On June 14 at about 10 o'clock, Ministry of public security in the police about emergency publishing platform application publishing information, Zhou long water station duty phone, dialed, say they have found son, Star, hoping police withdrawing.

Kidnapped son says to the teacher

3:40 P.M. day, Zhou class Tang calls for the son. Tang recalled, Zhou was on the phone in a hurry, low tone, talking intermittently, "he says, little star was kidnapped in Cologne water an Internet café in the vicinity, said he would hang up the phone. "

Tang immediately went to the principal's Office, then received a call: "monitoring by looking at Internet cafes, I know that the kidnappers are local Luo Jia Xiang, a brave brother's drug users, asked me to take hundreds of thousands of Yuan to change and in the Dragon town, a river trade. "

Tang set the phone for hands-free, Office of the Chancellor and the rest school officials could hear really. Principals immediately longshui town safe operators, education departments to report and cancel all activities on the day and part of the teaching arrangements of the school. The local Government also ordered staff to stop after work to rest, overtime with the police search.

At the same time, the school also received a telephone call from the: "the kidnappers would place change from mountains to a glass factory. "Zhou said he saw the kidnappers had come down from the mountains, little star wearing a wig was taken.

Hundreds of police investigation and tracked the kidnappers

Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed: want to let police, teacher tube boy

Police found Zhou (monitor screenshot).

Zhou reports Content known to the school for the first time to the police. Police said Zhou mentioned locations are real, telling details of kidnapping the police feel bad.

Police immediately detected programs. Tang received a call: "have you called the police? The kidnappers asked me not to report, report to hurt my son. I know to solve. "

Dazu district police deployed hundreds of police to the town of long water ready. Civilian police to Luo Jia Xiang, drug addicts and nicknamed the brave people do a lot of screening ratio on the, but have not found eligible on suspects.

Subsequently, the police get in touch with Zhou. Zhou said: "the request withdrawn case was concerned that the kidnapper harm my son this morning. My wife and I are now in the Yulong town near Grand Bay, the other requirements meet here. I do not report, did not know what they want to do. "

Hang up the phone, dozens of plainclothes police in the blue Gulf of Mo Pai performs. At this point, Zhou and call the police: "request a change, Yulong town to meet Pan Dang. "The phone, Zhou also cry on the phone:" you don't care, I handle it myself. If my son is gone, what am I going to do? "

After police received a phone call and rushed the Pan Dang near the touch line. Because pot Dang closed, a mass influx of civilian police can easily be detected the kidnappers. Civilian police division multiplexing, move closer to the bottom of Dang from different directions.

Find kids away alarm father

Secret police were racing against time have been supervised, they wanted Zhou stands ready to provide further information. But police worry is that they cannot get in touch with Zhou, is not that mobile phone is hung up.

"His father said child has come home. "Miss call, police said. To make sure the little star safety, police speak to little star, Zhou refused, "being frightened, I don't want him to be scared. "

"Through the touch line, we found the little star and watching TV with my Grandma, Jolly, without any sign of kidnapping. "The police said. Little star admitted, not kidnapped.

9 o'clock that evening, the police took was out for a walk week.

Want police to teacher tube boy

Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed: want to let police, teacher tube boy

Children in this Internet cafes to play all night.

"I'm sorry! He never kidnapped. "Zhou admits fake police.

Why make up kidnapping? "Son does not listen, want people to come forward to help me to scare him. "Zhou says, my son is 13 years old and in grade school, grade point average, and nearly two months obsessed with online games. He again wanted to teach the little star away from the network, but it does not work.

The afternoon of June 13, stars after school to go to Internet cafes to play all night. At dawn the next day, a small star on his way home when his father met. Zhou said that to scare little star, and he said the police and teachers to educate the little star, little star or not. To lie to police and teachers, he unwittingly made up the kidnapping of little star thing. "I just wanted to make the school the police involved, take education of my children. "

Zhou explained that after the police intervention, Zhou knows lies exposed, asked police not to intervene. "Police have identified the kidnappers and rescued the children. "Zhou said he had to make up a lie after another.

Due to malicious false alarm, Zhou was 10 days of administrative detention by police according to law, is currently being implemented. Zhou worries the most is having experience in detention, the son still listen to his education.

Chongqing evening news reporter was informed that the police have little star in the black Internet case informed the trade and industry departments, law enforcement officials are investigating. Ghost money high imitation of RMB rampant illegal