Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Liaoning driver network exposure when police checked the car into the grass

Liaoning Jinzhou, Yixian net exposure for a driver to escape died after police find car into the grass, Jinzhou police on June 7 to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) that the law enforcement police did not catch up with the driver, without any physical contact. Police are investigating the cause of death to the driver.

Liaoning driver network exposure when police checked the car into the grass died, the police said without physical contact

Twitter users "@ Lili 14881" June 6 evening post said, whose father Li Moudong on May 27 at 7:40 P.M. after she finished her work home when traffic police "stop", his father's "Chase" by no way after running into the woods next to the road.

"Ran into the Woods did not come out, and my dad died when I came. "Friends" @ Lili 14881 "said that he found her father's mouth, nose, is full of soil, covered with scars. Normally healthy, said his father did not take medicine.

"Why the police stopped vehicles by the parties? Parties why run? How the dead scar formation? At present, there is no autopsy? "Problems such as surging news direct message" @ Lili 14881 "at the time have not been restored.

Yi County Public Security Bureau said in a surging news staff on June 7, police have responded publicly to the above incident, again said. A secondary school canteen year in Nanning for

News from the surging Internet police in Jinzhou Baidu "jz" Yi released information about the deaths of cattle owners restore the truth of God, cow owners non-normal deaths after the incident, Yi, Yi County Public Security Bureau attached great importance to, collect the surrounding the incident (Jinzhou, Yixian Cunard heating Ltd) surveillance video, restoring the whole thing occurred. Video display, about 19:50 P.M. on May 27, 2016, tricycles appear on surveillance video of the incident, Cunard thermal co wall, car owners to avoid police checks, suddenly stop in the Middle, abandoned the vehicle and into the grass (family known as the Grove), after 20 seconds, uniformed police arrived, three rounds away. The entire process, enforcement of the traffic police have not pursued a sacred cow (Note: tricycle) owners, the two sides and there is no physical contact.

When the communication of information, the police with surveillance video of the incident. And called for netizens not rumor, not rumor, believe that the law, believe the evidence.

Long 1 minute 57 seconds when police released surveillance video shows, a tricycle to the fence, ran into the street after the tricycle driver to get off the grass. 3 wear white hats, men wearing police-style uniforms arrived at after looking around, one pick-up Trike left and another two people walking away. In the video, enter the tricycle driver was not reproduced in the grass, dressed in a police uniform officer does not catch up.

On June 5, "police in Jinzhou" in response to users questioned said that sacred cow owners are currently being conducted the autopsy, autopsy results came out, the cause of death for the first time to the public.