Sunday, January 3, 2016

Why Heilongjiang 6 4 magnitude earthquake felt Expert deep earthquakes no need

2nd at noon, micro-circle of friends is "Kou earthquake" crowding the screen instantly.

According to China's seismological network determination, 12:22 at Linkou, Mudanjiang city, Heilongjiang province (44.8 degrees north latitude and 129.9 degrees East longitude), a 6.4-magnitude earthquake, a depth of 580-kilometer. About 14 or so, Linkou from official sources said no tremors were felt on the ground, no report of casualties.

A high level earthquake, why no tremor was felt on the ground? The earthquake there will be aftershocks? Will destroy ... ... In response to these issues of concern, science and technology daily journalist connection expert explains.

Why Heilongjiang 6.4 magnitude earthquake felt? Expert: deep earthquakes, no need to panic

Linkou County councilor Lin Weiwei, Vice Minister of the propaganda Department, told reporters: "the Linkou County and every town had no obvious tremor was felt in the jurisdiction of the other, small towns have not received reports of casualties. "Hailin is also adjacent to the Linkou no felt reports.

"The earthquake was a deep-focus earthquakes, have very weak on energy to the surface, instruments can be observed, but the impression is very small, almost do not feel. Even after a small earthquake aftershocks, nor does it affect the ground, no need to panic. "Li Shan, Deputy Director of the Institute of engineering mechanics, China Seismological Bureau had explained that" the Linkou area happens to be the confluence area of the Pacific plate and the Eurasian plate, is the deep earthquake-prone areas. Deep earthquakes generally do not cause major disasters. "

Linkou this earthquake is located in the East area of Heilongjiang province, is located in the junction of zhangguangcai mountains, laoye Ling and wandashan pulse, belonging, Mudanjiang city, Heilongjiang province.

Within living memory, the Northeast is less frequented by the earthquake safety, Linkou, the 6.4-magnitude quake, many netizens expressed surprise.

"People feel less earthquake in Northeast China, is less because of shallow earthquakes. In fact, in Heilongjiang province, Linkou Wangqing, Jilin province near the deep-focus earthquakes many times, most of 600duoqianmi, Linkou, over the earthquake. "Jiang Haikun, Director of China earthquake networks Center forecast said.

"Deep-focus earthquakes occurred in the plates and deep ditch, occurred in China's northeast and southwest of the border strip. Subject areas within the city are rare deep-focus earthquakes in China, is within 70-kilometer of shallow inland earthquakes. Mechanism of deep and shallow earthquakes usually are not the same, deep source earthquake aftershocks are unlikely. "Jiang Haikun for fear aftershocks make up a" psychological boost ". Chongqing an 8 year old girl ill die donating

People usually think, above level 5 earthquake was awful, the 6.4-magnitude earthquake in which the intact, what is the connection between earthquake magnitude and destructiveness?

To clear this problem, Jiang Haikun introduced three concepts: "earthquake refers to the earthquake a measure of the energy released. Linkou is earthquake magnitude 6.4 earthquake magnitude. Earthquake refers to the earthquake damage to the ground level, closest to the epicenter near greater intensity, whereas smaller intensity. Focal depths were used to determine the point. Longitude, latitude, depth three values establish the coordinates of an earthquake. "

"The magnitude of an earthquake is only one, but there can be a lot of intensity. Shallow-focus earthquake intensity against the Division of the extent of the damage on the ground. Shallow earthquake Epicentral intensity the highest epicentre far less intensity. In earthquake relief, often based on the size of the earthquake and to take different relief measures. The entire earthquake surface no tremor was felt no destruction is no delimitation of corresponding intensity. "Li Shanyou said.

Li Shanyou introduction, the earthquake's epicenter in Linkou on the territory, according to the China Seismological Bureau, the earthquake to determine rules, was officially named the "Heilongjiang Linkou, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake January 2, 2016."