Saturday, January 9, 2016

Audeze Sine first ever portable plate diaphragm headphones

  Flat diaphragm headphones have a rising trend in recent years, such as the United States launched many of them manufacturers Audeze products and wide acclaim. This year's CES Conference, it introduced new Sine of concern.

Audeze Sine: first ever portable plate diaphragm headphones

  Sine is known to be "the world's first portable plate diaphragm headphones." Flat headset product, whether it is LCD-3 or EL-8, are large in size. Sine is still package design by ear, but it's small lot sizes.

  As the name suggests, the flat diaphragm inside the headset is similar to flat structures. It has the advantages of diaphragm light, dynamic and transient are good, the disadvantage is that headphones are usually larger. Because of this, Sine, in light of the breakthrough in surprise.

Audeze Sine: first ever portable plate diaphragm headphones

  Audeze said brings low-distortion Sine, and sound like a good sense. Funny thing is it uses Apple's Lightning line, can bypass the DAC of the iPhone, using a headset its DAC to promote music. Hello Kitty case Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Case

  Audeze Sine priced at $ 499, it will be shipped in February of this year.

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