Monday, January 25, 2016

A man worth millions from drug were found to contain the old 11 years ago Rob

11 years ago, 23, of lujiang, poor boy Gao 2000 jointly with another robbery, peers have been in prison, he was lucky to escape with the loot obtained 300 yuan and gradually made his fortune, worth tens of millions. But GAO did not expect is that 11 years after he was unable to escape police pursuits.

"Robbery" 3 held him 300 yuan

Gao was born in 1982, who has divorced parents, at the age of 17 from lujiang to swing in Hefei, but has not found work, and hanging in the community. In 2005, the GAO and friend Liu, Yu Mou came to WA accommodation at a hotel on the road, and happens to encounter a rival Liu Jiang during a.

Liu Gao and Yu, Jiang a beaten up and snatched the 2000 Yuan. Then take a taxi to the pedestrian street splurge, then each of the 300 yuan each to leave.

After the incident, Jiang an alarm, police quickly arrested Liu and Yu, but Liu Yu and Gao are not cooked, known by his nickname, even the real name is not known, the police has failed to master the high status, so Liu and Yu were sentenced to 7 years for robbery, and Gao have been at large.

"Arrested" just out of jail and was recaptured by police

Late last year, the police found in Combs work, in March of that year, a man was arrested for receiving other drugs was put into the White Lake Ranch, and the man at his friend's nickname happens to be just a few years ago Liu provides that, "was later identified to determine he is suspected of robbing high that year. "

On January 20 this year, high a sentence out of prison, dozens of friends in the day drove luxury cars came to the prison to meet him at the door. But what they didn't expect was, as high a get out of jail ready to accept when friends meet, and was waiting for a long time the police captured.

Years of hard has become a multimillionaire

GAO account says he took minutes to 300 yuan of money suddenly feels this is not the way, and there was a mind to live a good life. High after some 300 yuan to buy a tricycle, give each night market stalls send beer, digging to the first bucket of gold started moving services, real estate and other industries. State administration of work safety supervision

Ended before she was caught, Gao has bought more than 10 commercial center in mengcheng road more than window dressing room, worth tens of millions. Rich, Gao and some one gets infected with a drug habit, and was receiving other drugs were arrested and eventually revealed the robbery of the year. GAO has now been detained pending further investigation and treatment.