Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zhejiang pair generation couples sleep on a double bed but often in the letter

Zhejiang pair generation couples sleep on a double bed, but often in the letter said good night

Micro letter tells a young man on the subway. Zhang Xinyan surge information Landslides buried 22 plant in Shenzhen about 900

Make ten hundred phone calls, is nothing like having dinner with parents; group chat and then cooked, is nothing like seeing a handshake or a hug ... ... Recently, media reports there is a phenomenon called "modern AC". Sums up the "modern AC" a great performance--"friends we love rarely meet in real life." This phenomenon, do you have it?

Every micro-lots of people like to find difficult is to eat them

Born in 1986, Miss King a white collar at a Internet company. Nearly 30 years, did not object, much tighter to her family. Miss Kim said daily, single apartment 2.1 social circle is too narrow. Let alone find a male date, dinner by candlelight, in reality it's hard to find a dinner everyone, "in Ningbo, with few friends, everyone hurried home from work colleagues, nor how many intersections. Most of the time, was at home eating take-out dinner, side brush with your circle of friends. "

And in real life, "solitude" than Miss Golden Circle of friends is very much alive. She spends a lot of time in the two letters, on my way to work, time for dinner, before bed, toilet was busy brushes app, beauty by taking chicken soup for the soul, life.

The recent popularity of micro-statistics show that Jin Xiaojie 2015 average 11 micro-letters, pictures generally have separate articles. Almost every app at least dozens of people praise.

"Like used to chat with people on the Internet. Online self turn chicken broth, send the spoils of shopping, tourism, and carefree. PS the photos, looking very white Phu, like a lot of people. In reality, little friends. "Miss Kim said.

And his wife slept in the same bed often at night to mail her a letter

Mr Xue was a friend of journalists. He and his wife are generation, very affectionate. 10 years ago when the long-distance network is not convenient, and met two people often take the train across half of China. Now, Mr Kingsley SIT, two people's feelings are still very good: "my wife sleep on a double bed, but often at night to mail her a letter. "

Since the beginning of 2014 for the iPhone, Mr Xue and his wife had a habit of playing mobile phone before going to bed. After you turn off the lights at night, and two people in bed back to cell phones. "Riff, public, then brush your circle of friends, brushed micro-blog. Often all updates are finished. The last one is my wife, such as good night, sweet dreams, with a couple of Mito, which is her habit. I will comment below, good night, sweet dreams. "Of course, sometimes his wife will leave a message.

Why is this happening? "Get used to it, but also lazy, easy to send a good night emoticon. "Mr Xue," it's a very small and very sad thing ", when new year's day, and his wife agreed to quit before going to bed to play with the mobile habits. However, up to now haven't changed.

Elders participate in home birthday feast for busy taking pictures using the letter praises

The story takes place at a press conference, I. Family elders when new year's day birthday celebration. Open before the elders took everyone to put the phone in a basket.

Last dinner, apart from their elders don't play phones, almost everyone on cell phones. While waiting for the food, serving dishes are reproduced after your circle of friends, when you eat regularly. Especially when you blow out the candles, and everyone is busy, busy little sent the letter. A few moments later, friends are "Grandma 79" "Grandma returns" and busy reply friends blessings, even working with micro-point of praise of friends sit at the dinner.

The result, elders is very angry and the consequences will be serious.

New year's day birthday celebration, no cell phones. At first, also somewhat not used. However, for two hours, everyone laughing, chatting to drink a toast, feel more refreshed than last. While Uncle regrets: "it will be like eating at a table, not a circle of friends for dinner. "

Psychologist: online, I want you to see me

"Why do so many people tend to indulge and communicate on the network, but neglect real life communication. In psychology, said that an important reason is that online me, I want you to see me, I wanted to be inside of me. "Ningbo and the word Yu Rongrong, Director of the counseling center.

Yu Rongrong said that almost everyone, consciously or unconsciously on the Web to shape a "new me", a "want to let others see it." For example, a very impatient person, going online to create a "human light like chrysanthemum, secular right" disposition, for example, an ordinary-looking girls, tend to like pretty pictures.

Yu Rongrong said, some people created by obsessing over their online image, will spend a lot of time and effort to manage the maintenance of this image, and people to interact like this image, "even, because of this the image contrast of image and reality, a cracked; because the evaluation, circles and on the Internet in reality gap, and more escape from real communication. "

A message "I love you" than it does in reality is much more labor-saving

"There is a reason, and labor. As examples of the husband, and in tiny letters say good night to his wife, just type in a word or expression. If he were to say in real life, in turns, you might want to put his wife in his arms, to mobilize the look, tone, to the eye. Why not send a face saving. "Yu Rongrong said the Exchange is actually need energy thing.

She has, for example, message on the Internet saying "I'm in love with you", said to the people, who are easily. In real life, say so, both to stimulate the auditory, Visual, and physical expression is to feel.

Also, network communication is instantaneous, and wanted to respond again to respond. In real exchange, but to respond in a timely manner, those with energy. "For a long time, some people will tend to use labor-saving exchange of real communication instead of consuming more energy. This is also a reason. "