Friday, January 29, 2016

Shandong man was hit by a van being crushed police intentional injury in question

Linyi city of Shandong linshu County traffic staff on January 29 to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the network "linshu a teenage driver was drunk driving rolled several times" in the video, the driver injured in the escape process secondary rolling, suspicion of intentional injury, have been transferred to Interpol.

Time near one-minute surveillance video showed a silver grey van was speeding and hit a parked white car, and coming from the opposite direction knocked down by a bicycle man car people. Van driver does not get out to see, but the rear adjust the direction of the front, straight man and bike collision. Wheels to lose after the collision, the van stays for a few seconds, then add enough horsepower directly run over the people and bicycles towing, and eventually rolled past on the bicycle man fled the scene. During the van continued rolling after the frenzy of the people, a man and a woman to the white car had been hit, opened the door and picked up a little girl in the car, running to the next shop. Girl committed suicide after stealing a supermarket

Shandong man was hit by a van being crushed police: intentional injury in question was transferred to Interpol

By crushing men was sent to linshu County people's Hospital for emergency treatment, surging ambulance staff told the news the man with multiple fractures, is temporarily out of danger.

Combed more than witness netizens post surging News learned that on January 26, located in linshu County, "bar street" hit the rink more than 10 years old. Driver intentionally rolling again after he tried to escape, was intercepted by the crowd after, then was taken away by police.

The 29th linshu County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade staff said, after investigation, the driver charges is not selected after the rescue, but fled the scene, and secondary rolling away with the boys, arrested for mayhem, linshu County case has been transferred to the Public Security Bureau Police Brigade. Or drunk driving is drunk driving for the driver, it has not responded.