Friday, January 22, 2016

Hong Hong pirated products went on sale around many companies for annual meeting

2016 CCTV released the monkey mascot can-Oriental IC diagram

Beijing morning news the day before yesterday, 2016 CCTV released the monkey mascot kangkang. Yesterday, appeared on the market mascot can-pirate toys and souvenirs. Beijing morning post yesterday found that these pirated souvenirs online selling, some into the wholesale market as the sales of goods. In this regard, the official hotline calls to CCTV, said there is no sale kangkang dolls and souvenirs. If pirated products in the community, to which you can report. Five star hotel in shangluo city of Shaanxi bust

Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter visited a number of small commodity wholesale market, although there don't see kangkang's image in the market, but there are taped to the counter to sell plush toys can-pictures. Reporters saw from time to time people came to inquire kangkang's dolls for sale. Providence wholesale markets a toy store, the store said it will have to wait one or two days before arrival. "Kankan is hot now, many users spoof, but there are a lot of people want to buy. "The owner said, he had ordered from the Internet, and soon in stock to sell. "Kang Kang's peripheral products include plush toys, key chains, masks, and white shirts with short sleeves. Price between 20 to 200 Yuan, and not very expensive. "The owner said, some netizens have to make a reservation. "Many companies annual prizes, buy dozens of. "

Reporter online "Kankan toys" keywords appear in tens of thousands of results, price of 10 Yuan to hundreds of Yuan. Individual stores even have hundreds of sales records. "We do is one of the best versions, based on the buyer's request, custom doll clothes and decoration. "The shopkeeper said, because kangkang was hyped on the network, launched their plush toys also has various forms. "Lovely, also a parody. Now parody sold better. "

In this regard, Beijing kangpu Law Office Director Wu Lihong said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the patent law, "design after the grant of the patent right, no entity or individual may, without the authorization of the patentee, shall not exploit the patent, that is, for production or business purposes manufacture, sales and imports its design patent product. "Sales of pirated the can peripheral products, marketers have belonged to infringement.