Friday, January 15, 2016

Old rage against the kicking girl says it is light and eventually stepped in

Recently, for a period of 3 minutes and 16 seconds worth of video stirred up controversy in Internet users. In the video, an old woman accosted and kicked by a girl, while someone is discouraged, but the old man and wouldn't budge. In this regard, some netizens believed the old man's brutal, is not conducive to children; others argue that video too short does not describe any specific cause. Education experts said that "in the process of education, parents should learn to respect the fundamental rights of children and the child's personality."

"Old man kicked the girl child" video online

Old rage against the kicking girl says

Old man whipped a girl crying, then kicked the girl child.

The video circulated after the 14th micro and micro-blogging services.

Video at first, an old man whipped a girl crying, then kicked the girl child. Photographer tries to dissuade them, the old man said girls want to buy, then said: "it is light, which is light. "

"Now which still have to spank their children? "Photographers trying to persuade. "Not crazy. "The old man does not listen to our advice, and rage against the girl child:" you buy, you buy ... ... You get off me to it? "And then kicked the girls again. In the video, crying girls could not hear say, but could be judged from her call for women, batterers for the relatives of the girl.

In the video, photographer and other witnesses were trying to discouraged, but security guards to intervene, this old man is left with a girl.

Witnesses: security stop the old man stop kicking child

15th afternoon, Netizen posted saying, things happen in their downstairs, kicking the little girl in the video is the child of "Grandma", not the netizens said "Grandma". And 15th in the afternoon, the old lady has been building "shooting people".

According to the information referred to in this user when replying to comments, North Green newspaper reporter found in an office building on the East third ring road, Chaoyang District. Head of a company near the scene witnessed the process.

"Things happen when at noon on 13th," the witness said, his company was under renovation, he saw the incident in the process of moving things. "Heard the woman kept on scolding a child, and did not hear anything, but the baby cried very hard. "Witnesses said the first thought the old lady just scolded the child a few words, but later found the old lady still kicking kids. "Someone called security to come over at this point, security opened the old lady. "During the visit, one on duty-guard to the North Green reporter confirmed that their" fat "one of my colleagues stopped the woman.

Witnesses said the security guards after the Suppression of the old lady, "not long after, she led the crying little girl upstairs. "According to witnesses, this Office has two educational institutions, the little girl should be in one of the classes of educational institutions.

Expert: parents should learn to respect children

Chu Chaohui, a researcher at Chinese Academy of Education Sciences Research Institute, said whatever the reason, older people should not be used in a video called way communicating with children.

Experts said that "from the psychological point of view, may be children in understanding interpersonal relationships formed between myth, that a person is the relationship between opposites. "In addition, the experts pointed out that the wrong way will have a negative impact on children's growth. "May be to give child's interpersonal barriers, making them unable to learn to communicate with people, and the right way to negotiate, consciously allowing the child to feel that beat and scold can solve problems and achieve their goals. " Shaanxi women micro letter group meeting was bitten