Thursday, March 10, 2016

Microsoft s live Cortana would HoloLens and meet


Cortana only shortly before Microsoft (Microsoft Cortana) sent to iOS and Android platforms, today the company or want to Cortana HoloLens landing virtual reality equipment.

According to foreign media reports Venturebeat, Share Your Idea site user requirements, Microsoft is considering in its augmented reality device implanted into intelligent speech HoloLens Assistant Cortana physically.

Microsoft earlier this month, Microsoft launched Share Your idea Web site to allow the public to early development of HoloLens put forward their own ideas. Under the current voting, "see HoloLens Cortana body" became the most popular ideas. Many users say, "with the real Cortana, could be like like Halo games that can communicate with people, who wouldn't want to? "

It is understood that Microsoft assured users that votes will be the top three ideas into reality, HoloLens appear small na body most likely thing. And taking into account the HoloLens Linux Windows 10 system, so Microsoft will Cortana implant HoloLens difficulty is unlikely to follow.

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Microsoft Hololens smart glasses

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Microsoft Hololens smart glasses

HoloLens is equipped with can see the virtual image transmission lens, stereo analog audio source location system, various sensors, even outside of the CPU and GPU, and a special holographic processor (Holographic Processing Unit,HPU).

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