Saturday, March 19, 2016

Career match fixing old guns intentionally buy fake intentionally buy expired

Xinhua Beijing on March 20, "the global exemption" and "longevity" "cure-all" ... ... When elderly people are direct sellers of "brainwashing", with saving savings when purchasing dizzying array of health products, to help them stay away from "brainwashing" scam marketing?

Expired food, 10 times times! Career match-fixing "old gun" elusive, buy fake known, awarded an hour 9400 ... ... Occupational fraud how to make plans for the ordinary consumer crackdown?

"The asses of fire" and "spicy" "Braised Chicken Rice" ... ... Popularity captures "perfect" derivative, APP reservation "cyber control" how to avoid a dirty restaurant trap without a license?


Xinhua reporter recently split multiplex, undercover "cheat the General Assembly", experienced match-fixing, hit check illegal dens, from fighting on the front lines for the consumer report.

Career match-fixing

"Medicine show": crazy "brainwashing" marketing

"Secret" "zero-risk inhibiting cancer cell growth," "Chinese longevity research base" and "conquer the 200 million patients with bone diseases with Earth" ... ... Eve of the CPPCC, a vocal health products exhibition held at the Beijing International Convention Centre being inundated by advertisements stunning, if not striking "2016 brands of China section" banners in sight, the reporter thought it was "medicine show".

"Reseller" status meeting reporters to a booth consulting brand seabuckthorn seed oil soft capsule, salesman: "the global exemption, eight major effects. Brain tumor resistance, lowering blood sugar, treating fatty liver, no side effects, and old favorites. "However, the State food and Drug Administration database shows that these supplements have no record of these functions.

Zhengzhou Compaq years trading company employees who have taken the trouble to sell an oat red Koji wine to reporters: "this is an important Conference with wine, won 56 certificates. "When a reporter asked" why no lot number "when the employees say.

"The eye, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic fundus of the elderly eyes dramatically. "The salesman for a pharmaceutical company in Henan province's eyes, this eye stick cure-all," to pay the $ 7000 to join agent exports, aimed at the elderly, we lecturers do sales presentations, 268 products can sell 2980, relaxed and happy fishing money...... " 9 year old boy living in Changchun kindergarten

Career match-fixing

Professional fighting man Wang

"Secret" sales, marketing meetings, gathered by way of meetings, networking and offline consumers "brainwashing" them to buy the product. "Consumers was mixed, some earn more than 10 million a year. "Professional match-fixing who introduced Wang," pin from the planning, training to make gifts, fake fake offers, there is a complete industrial chain. "

"Products for the elderly. Content of batch fraud, fraud. Batch numbers, but will consumers use cheat false propaganda. "Wang in eye treatment, for example said," is nothing more than non-woven fabric and its constituents of plant extracts, is actually a damp paper towel. "

"Capture" crazy "brainwashing" scam market, Beijing Haidian police series of arrests in recent years. Recently, police in Haidian, a mega-selling health care fraud ring was destroyed, police will be 56 persons involved in criminal detention or police custody. Beitaipingzhuang RAID scene, a lot of elderly people in the "doctor" after diagnosis, was bamboozled into spending tens of thousands of Yuan to buy a name for "cell liquid" health products. Suspect confessed, these "doctors" have no qualifications, social free personnel employed by it.

A commercial building in Beijing, a lecturer was boasted to the elderly said, its product "linoleic acid ultrasound" designed for detection vascular aging astronauts before liftoff. Police revealed the instrument actually suspect props, are free to control values, trust to defraud the elderly.

Police advise: the fraud ring good "family card", with "daughter" and "son" appears in the name, and the "famous brand", "diagnosis" consumer "cancer"; "brand", "free trial" favors cheat the elderly, such as trust.

"10 times claims": "intentionally buy fake" is protected by law

"Investigations" enigmatic career match-fixing "old guns" how fake? Reporters in early March following more than 20 years experience of fighting against "professional fighting man" Yang Liandi experienced match-fixing throughout.

The same day, Yang Liandi received "informer" from "Beijing Sun Palace parkson shopping mall supermarket bakery counter or expired food" by text message, then arrived at the counter. After careful search, he found priced 118 Yuan/box of "Southern leg" square box cake production date of January 5, 2016, for a period of 60 days has expired for several days. Subsequently, Yang Liandi eight boxes in one breath the same brand pastries a brain on shopping cart invoice and to pay cashier, 944, ... ...

Zhihou, Yang Liandi quickly find businesses, began to "thrust" the claim game: "food safety law expressly provides that the foods should be 10 times times. "Supermarket owners, said," legal mean 10 times, but not necessarily 10 times. "Yang replied:" laws are not discounted "... ... Through questioning, wrangling and bargaining, hurdle, Yang Liandi rely on the rich accumulation of fighting against finally got about 10 times damages 9400.

Yang Liandi reminds consumers that claim to preserve evidence, "I had to lose, holding claim for invoice, businessmen said here to check, put his mouth swallowing invoices, evidence is gone, I'm silly. "In addition, the formal complaints procedure must pass the Mall customer service, issuing records for mediation and conciliation, not private agreements with the manufacturer.

"Method article" Beijing method big lawyer firm senior partner Levi lawyer said, March 15, 2014 up purposes of Supreme People's Court on trial food drug disputes case applies legal several problem of provides 3rd article provides: "for food, and drug quality problem occurred disputes, purchase who to producers, and sellers advocates right, producers, and sellers to purchase who knows food, and drug exists quality problem and still purchase for by for defence of, court not support. "Clear" intentionally buy fake "is protected by law.

Livy describes, 56th new consumer protection law provides that administrative departments according to the seriousness of illegal income for illegal operators fined a maximum of 1 time times 10 times. On October 1, 2015, the new revised food safety law explicitly "ten."

"Reviews" the drafters of the consumer protection law, consumer protection law of China Law Society President said rivers, consumer protection law and the system of punitive damages designed to enable more professional match into match-fixing claims, they are "under the laws of the egg" make up only by the executive authorities lack of match-fixing, a large and obvious effect.

"This year's Government work report, improve the quality of consumer goods, speed up the quality and safety standards into line with international standards, establish punitive compensation system of product quality. "Qiu Baochang, head of the China consumers ' Association legal team believes that" there will be more people to join the fighting ranks. "

Hit the check: the "perfect" derivative behind the dirt trap

"Chaos" now network ordering more popular sentiment captures "perfect" derivative, become Otaku Otaku, Office workers, students, family favorites. However, "perfect" was hidden behind a lot of chaos: website on a big restaurant was actually black vendors without a license without a license; picture mouth-watering, real is very different ... ... This "food" can you eat it?

"Investigations" reporter in mid-March to follow Beijing's food and drug supervision Department on license-free Internet takeout restaurant blitz enforcement action: APP locks the Internet address after law enforcers locate a donkey meat restaurant in the South Gate of Beijing Normal University, the store non-food business licenses immediately seized the store management tools.

In another spicy little restaurant, reporters walked into the kitchen to see the law enforcement, no raw meat cold, dripping with foul-smelling water, piled with food without any Chinese logo in the corner ... ... Immediately notify the law enforcement online ordering platform for the stores to be shielded.

Beijing network supervisor, enforcement of food and drug inspection Corps Group Captain Li 旼 introduction, Beijing a total of tens of thousands of unlicensed food units without a license, many to small restaurants, snack bars, mainly manufacturing and selling vendor, is currently comprehensive improvement or Standardization Management, or the Elimination of obsolete.

The "law" of the Beijing Municipal food supervision management approach (provisional) which came into force March 16, prohibit unlicensed operators selling homemade food online, prohibit network operators of food sold cooked foods in bulk over the Internet.

The new food safety law, online food trading platform for third-party network operators of food are not real-name registration, review licenses, confiscate the illegal gains and fines of between 50,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan.

APP reservation "cyber control", want to avoid dirty dining trap without a license? Please note: one is to choose a formal legal feeding unit; second, retain consumer credentials. If food safety problems are found, speed reported to the food and drug Department. (Interview Reporter: Zhou Ning, Chen Zhichun, Zhang Miao-miao, and Mao Weihao, and Lu Guoqiang,, and Sun Lei, and Jiang Ziwei)