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Don t envy A4 waist Avoid these 9 lumbar acid back pain away from you

Recently, the "A4" waist blew up! Everyone in print. Have a small waist really enviable, but wood lumbar disease is everyone pursuit!

Having said that, there must be many people touched his old waist, subtly nodded. Doctors now say a few words, how to protect your back!

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

Attention! The nine action a break

In recent years, increases in the incidence of lumbar disc, and younger age trend. In fact, many lumbar disc is not innate, but because of bad habits. Some dangerous moves, you don't do it.

1, kicks his legs

Index: a star

Dangerous reason: kicks his legs can lead to pelvic tilt and lumbar pressure balance, resulting in muscle, can also lead to prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc by force does not, in this position for a long time are risk factors for prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc.

Especially among young people in a period of growth, often pointing his legs tend to form kyphosis and scoliosis.

Tip: usually try not to run away from his legs, sit down good pelvis, lumbar spine even by force.

2, prolonged standing

Index: a star

Dangerous reason: erect for a long time can lead to muscle tension, long-term stress increases lumbar spine, lumbar disc herniation at increased risk.

Tip: work foot stepped on tiptoe, and dual casters and, increased lumbar lordosis, while alleviating lower back muscle strain. If standing for a long time to do some lumbar stretching movements.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

3, the "old lady" sitting

Risk index: two stars

Danger: "old woman" refers to being seated on a couch or bench. This can reduce the lumbar lordosis and disc pressure increases, and maintained this position for a long time can lead to increased lumbar disc degeneration.

Tip: when sitting keep your upper body straight, abdomen, lower extremities together. Sitting in the back of a Chair, it shall, as far as possible on the basis of the above position will be back close to the back, lumbar-sacral muscles not too tired.

4, poor sleeping position

Risk index: two stars

Dangerous reason: when lying flat, neck and waist without support, can result in lower back muscle tension, which is why a lot of people sleep on the sofa or soft ones will think hard because at the waist.

Tip: try to choose a slightly hard mattress while sleeping, lying below the knee pad when a soft pillow, which can make the hips and knees slightly bent, lower back muscles will relax, and disc pressure, reduces the risk of disc herniation.

5, with one hand weights

Risk index: three stars

Dangerous causes: hand weights will make the overall tilt of the body, disc loading orientation is not uniform, muscle tone is not the same, single hand, uneven weight distribution will make uneven force on both sides of the spine, the disc herniation causing great harm.

Tip: in daily life, hand items carry the same weight as far as possible, ensure trunk balance and lumbar pressure, and can suddenly not force too much on lifting, posture conversion is not too hard.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

6, running posture not right

Risk index: three stars

Dangerous reason: running is the way many people like sports, but not proper running form, especially back and forward gestures will lead to marked increase in disc loading, plus pulse pressure of running bumps, greater risk of disc.

Tip: in patients with prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc and do strenuous exercise is not recommended, such as hiking, running, cycling. If jogging is try to keep your upper body upright, and frequency of running slow wear cushioned shoes, reduced pulse pressure on the disc.

7, wriggled movement

Risk index: four stars

Dangerous causes: some need to twist actions, such as golf swings, table tennis pull loop twist action or exercise requires the waist with arms, which regularly caused torsion and twist of long-term exercise on intervertebral disc extrusion are at high risk for disc herniation.

Tip: in patients with lumbar disc herniation shake that ass try to avoid doing something that requires movement, normal movement and keep your lower back protection and prevention.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

8, wearing high heels

Risk index: four stars

Dangerous causes: sole with Foundation features, direct effects of gravity center of human body. Excessive wearing high heels will make the body's Center of gravity moves forward, causing the pelvis forward, increased spinal curvature, lumbar spine stress becomes concentrated, so long is likely to cause disc damage.

Tip: always try to wear flat shoes, commuters who could spare pair of flat shoes at the Office. Special occasions if you must wear high heels, walking as far as possible to focus on rather than the foot with the heel. January music report after listening to these

9, bent down and moving heavy loads

Risk index: five stars

Dangerous causes: bent down and moving things directly, and can lead to sudden force increase in lumbar disc herniation, it is easy to make lumbar disc herniation by weak regional highlights, many patients with low back pain are symptoms worse after the stooped to move heavy objects.

Tip: when moving heavy objects, it is best to go down on one knee, weight close to your body as possible, using arm lifting heavy weights to the thigh, and then to keep the back straight stand up, slowly got up and at the same time, the weight to be close to the body.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

Recommended back pain relief methods:

1, doing body stretching exercises

Straight up her hands to make it stretch, intervertebral disc pressure can be reduced, if possible, with both hands holding the horizontal bar hung dicks, pulled, feet off the ground is also useful.

Anyway try to make body weight goes down, play the role of elongate trunk, spinal column, reducing disc pressure, and it has a reset function.

2, go down

Make sure to abdomen, thigh muscles to squeeze behind, so that the pelvis back to its normal position.

At the beginning, can be carried out indoors, give it a try go down a few steps, after slowly, outside selected parks and sports grounds, find a few open spaces, be sure to pay attention to safety and avoid tripping over stones or obstructions.

3, learn to use cushion

First cushion must be placed on the waist, on the chest and back are not correct. Correct sitting posture is chest, such as the couch to try to sit, let the hips sit on the bottom of the sofa, back close to the sofa.

Second is not too thick cushions. To 10 cm thickness cushion as well. Human back pressure, compression of 5 to 8 cm best lordosis of the lumbar spine, is too thick will cause excessive flexion of the lumbar spine, instead of injured lumbar spine.

4, selected on a hard bed

Lie on your back on the mattress, hand to neck, waist and between buttocks and thigh three apparent bending horizontally and see if gaps;

Side rolled over again, using the same method to try curve SAG of the body is there a gap between the mattress and, if not, when you sleep on this mattress and neck, back, waist, hip and leg matching the natural curve fitting, which is moderately hard and soft mattress for you.

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