Thursday, March 3, 2016

CPPCC Member Pan Qinglin proposed a study issued by the overseas Chinese overseas

CPPCC Member Pan Qinglin proposed: a study issued by the overseas Chinese

Pan Qinglin believes that implementation of the "overseas Chinese identity," Foundation of reality, but also in overseas Chinese public opinion. Oriental IC data

China "along the way" strategy has made a good start, along with expanding the number of Chinese citizens emigrating, levels continue to improve, how to pay attention to arousing the enthusiasm of countries along the Chinese and overseas Chinese, for them to participate in "along the way" build and play a more important role in building a new type of relations, is also key.

In 2016, the country held two sessions when representatives from the Federation of the national CPPCC Member Pan Qinglin, a proposal was: home of overseas Chinese continued to increase demand, without involving the "dual nationality" problem, the study issued by the overseas Chinese "overseas Chinese ID card". That is, the nature of nationality issued to overseas Chinese do not have identification, facilitate the exchange of their home.

"I believe it is the expectation of many overseas Chinese. "Pan Qinglin, surging on news (www.thepaper.CN) said.

Since reform and opening up, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attaches great importance to Foreign Affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs, more than 50 million overseas Chinese can benefit from this. However, for overseas Chinese holding foreign passports, home visiting family and friends, and their business dealings, there is also a lot of inconvenience.

For example, in accordance with the relevant rules, the overseas Chinese must have issued China invitation can only handle the return visas; after you arrived in China, must pay to the local police station within 24 hours of reporting in China on the residence time of, limit also.

Pan Qinglin believes that if China issued to overseas Chinese, "overseas Chinese ID card" will be conducive to attracting overseas talents to further facilitate overseas talents to return communication, entrepreneurship, investment, but also to overseas Chinese and the next generation of China's emotional identification.

In his view, the implementation of the "overseas Chinese identity," Foundation of reality, but also in overseas Chinese public opinion. Overseas Chinese hope that the Chinese Government fully into account makes it more convenient for them to come back to the motherland exchange requirements.

In fact, the system in foreign countries have successfully. For example, India abroad India regarded as "not in India live in India" (Non-resident Indians). Director of the overseas Chinese University reported

India to the four generations of emigrants, overseas origins 50% or above the original Indians, issued abroad India citizen identification card (OCI card), they hold back India visa for life, enjoy the benefits of citizens. India abroad India citizen ID card system, overseas India people in various forms to return home, the effect is significant.

For, Pan Qinglin to out has several specific implementation recommends: first by national CPPCC Foreign Affairs Committee on this problem widely sought both at home and abroad views, for topic research and consultations; then by Ministry of public security, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and country office and China Federation according to situation, joint developed out more specific and has targeted of programme and initiatives; last State issued about foreign Chinese identity of Ordinance, again by national NPC drafting and through related legal.

"I believe that the introduction of this system, is the most urgent need for overseas Chinese. "Pan Qinglin said.