Sunday, February 28, 2016

NET exposure in Wuhan two amateur football teams after the conflict the players

Referred to as two industry, Wuhan, Hubei football team fights videos spread on the Internet in recent days. Released on February 28, the Court said in a statement the incident and will cooperate with law enforcement organs in accordance with the accountability of the matter, is no longer open to teams of instruments hit book. Wuhan Qiaokou Han Jia DUN police, Public Security Bureau told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), the police have investigated the matter.

Length 54 seconds the net exposure shown in the video, there are two on the red shirts were printed with "11" and "3" players, hand-held stick-like device after a previous rush in, walked and shouted: "what, what? "Then," 11 ", players with iron bars pointing to a yellow shirt man said" you ", and stick to each other, side edges," Han called ". Another teammate, stick immediately following rush. The yellow-clad men back from several blue players rushed to try to grab a stick. At this time, the two teams fought together.

On February 28, this video forwarded a large number of users, causing concern. 28th noon, incident to city home Football Club official micro-Bo on thing released statement said, February 27 late gutian 5th, field, GALAXY team players and green on players occurred conflict, GALAXY team two name players took out control devices on green team players for beat, GALAXY team players of behavior has serious disrupt amateur football normal order, involved illegal crime behavior of, will active tie law enforcement organ law investigate accountability. End of Taiyuan bar has been the largest number

This statement saying: now, all GALAXY team is no longer to be an open book, the players involved, we refuse to enter, we will reject all acts of violence, and efforts to maintain the order of Wuhan fair and free amateur football, playing civilization and oppose violence.

Official Micro-Blog messages, according to the Wuhan evening news, about 9:30 P.M. occurred on February 27, two amateur club GALAXY, green, after the start of a football game, there have been disputes. Two players, wearing a red shirt with iron bars entry to beat several players wore blue jerseys, at present, the police has ordered officials to the police description of the matter.

Han Jia DUN a surging civilian police on February 29, in the morning to tell the news of the police station, the police have to investigate the above events, since civilian police was not on duty to deal with the matter and therefore unclear circumstances.