Monday, January 2, 2017

Shandong farmer Ding Hanzhong against two death cases caused by demolition on

Remand after 8 months, Weifang, Shandong farmers Ding Hanzhong anti split two deaths caused by the second instance. On January 2, 2017 surging News (www.thepaper.CN) was informed by the Ding Hanzhong's lawyer Zhang Weiyu, Shandong Weifang Intermediate Court recently he received the notice to appear: this case January 6, 9:30 in suburban Changle County Court trial in open court.

Shandong farmer Ding Hanzhong against two death cases caused by demolition on Friday retrial, lawyer will be pleading not guilty

This September 25, 2013, with demolition case inspired the same day, several crews attempted to force demolition of Ding Hanzhong lived in housing, so that conflicts between the two sides. During the conflict, Ding Hanzhong sickle slashing and two crews were killed.

July 2014, the Weifang Intermediate Court of first instance to Ding Hanzhong murder sentenced to death immediately, he will appeal the decision to appeal. April 2016, the Shandong High Court ruling found that some of the facts are not clear, the grounds of insufficient evidence, quashing the judgment of first instance, back to the review.

"We believe that Ding Hanzhong was self-defense. "Zhang Weiyu said he and the others pay a lawyer yan Ding Hanzhong will be pleading not guilty.

Removed conflict-induced resistance in two deaths Correction of problems with bullying 20 men answer

Ding Hanzhong 55 years old this year is Joe Guan Zhen Ding Jia Shan Village, Changle County, he lived side by side, six rooms, three of them are his own, three are his parents. Ding Yue said that at an early age, after her uncle moved the family in town, moved to Uncle's House to her grandparents lived, vacated the room gave their lives since 1998.

Ding Yue said her father during the decoration of the House, and lived quietly for more than 10 years. Until 2013, they lived in housing that was included in the "adjusting urban and rural construction land increase and decrease project" scope for a compensation agreement was not negotiated, and they didn't move.

On September 25, 2013, Ding Jia Shan Cun Cun Wei-related personnel construction staff Huang Zhongtai of Ding Hanzhong, Huang Guohou, who dismantled the parents ' House, so that conflicts between the two sides. During the conflict, Ding Hanzhong sickle slashing, Huang Zhongtai, gwo thickness caused by death.

On January 16, 2014, Weifang to the Weifang intermediate court prosecuting attorney, accused Ding Hanzhong committed intentional homicide. On July 28, Ding Hanzhong Weifang intermediate court to murder sentenced to death immediately, two families of more than 21,000 yuan of compensation.

Judgments of first instance shows that the Weifang intermediate court found that around 15 o'clock, when Huang Zhongtai people are using excavators demolished the House, Ding Hanzhong Ding Chao and rushed to the scene after hearing the alarm, and construction workers tear it. On both sides during the conflict, people such as Huang Zhongtai stop Ding Hanzhong and his son into the demolition site and taking pictures, and pressed down, drag to two people, and so on. Ding Hanzhong once freed, hand-held sickle slash Huang is the head, face, caused by Huang too collapsed. To rescue the injured, many people stepped forward to prevent Ding Hanzhong continue to hurt Huang Zhongtai, Liu Ding Hanzhong shovel wounded head. Ding Hanzhong immediately gave chase to cut a sickle around personnel cuts gwo thick head, neck, etc.

Gwo thick died on the same day; too by salvaged invalid died the following day in yellow, forensic identification, Huang Guohou is sharp cut off the left common carotid artery in hemorrhagic shock caused by death; too due to yellow sharps puncture brain tissue induced by craniocerebral injury and death.

A trial: victim of fanning the conflicts bear some responsibility

In one instance, injury deaths by Ding Hanzhong by the prosecution process has been divided.

Ding Hanzhong argued that the victims gathered illegally demolished, to beat him, in order to curb the abuse, in the case of head injuries to fight back, nor see the tools used, the Department of Defense.

Ding Hanzhong's lawyer also believes that Ding Hanzhong in the apartment and a person suffers a serious hit back when the unlawful infringement, which is caused by deaths of two defense; the victim is in accordance with the legal provisions of the mandatory minimum, beat Ding Hanzhong, there is an obvious mistake.

Weifang argues that Ding Hanzhong for his residence adjacent to the houses involved, rebuilt the House and over the years in the occupied State, when it should be properly addressed, avoiding conflicts caused by forcibly removed. The day of the crime, without agreed, dismantle the housing construction personnel, injured the Ding Hanzhong and their families and to prevent the demolition, Ding Hanzhong to stop demolition and his son have pressed down, drag and drop behavior, behavior inappropriate, should be convicted Huang Zhongtai people conflict bear some responsibility.

But Weifang in the hospital also think, from whole incident process and Ding Hanzhong of behavior view, Huang Zhongtai, people only and d Han loyalty occurred has General of body conflict, and immediately and release has Ding Hanzhong parent-child, Ding Hanzhong does not faced with wrongful against of reality and urgency, its I on Huang Zhongtai, and gwo thick two people of hurt behavior also non-for Defense consciousness, so not constitute due defense or defense excessive.

In addition, the Weifang Intermediate Court also did not accept the "Ding Hanzhong police many times, justice can truthfully the facts of the crime, constitute a surrender", "Ding Hanzhong statement made at the stage of investigation on illegal access, illegal evidence ought to be excluded", justify and defend opinions.

Attorney: first instance finds murder weapon missing blood, perverse

After the verdict, refuses to accept the Ding Hanzhong, he filed an appeal in August 2014 to the Shandong High Court.

His defense lawyer attacked Cheung pointed out that the judgment of first instance finds that the "first cut and then shovel" totally wrong actually Ding Hanzhong was wounded in the head by gwo thick, lives are at stake; son Ding Chao was dragged outside the hospital is at stake. In emergency situations, Defense instincts, hoisted an copy of clubs on homes that are murderous Huang Zhongtai, Huang Guohou, who waved, Ding Hanzhong hindsight handheld is the sickle.

Cheung also said the attack, in the dispute process, people such as Huang Zhongtai punched Ding Hanzhong, Ding Hanzhong was beaten, but the judgment of first instance mentioned in the facts section, serious facts are not clear.

"The judgment of first instance also found that Ding Hanzhong cut gwo thick neck, multiplayer statement said Huang Guohou left carotid artery was severed, blood sprayed more than ridiculous cut thick sickle gwo has no blood on his head. "Attacking Cheung pointed out that verdict appeared" sharenbujianxue "clearly perverse.

On April 11, 2016, the Shandong High Court ruling found that some of the facts are not clear, the grounds of insufficient evidence, the Weifang intermediate court to revoke the verdict, returned for reconsideration.