Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Changsha train station in response to the waiting room air conditioning in winter

Changsha train station in response to the

Changsha station of the Guangzhou Railway Group respond to user questions.

Recently, Twitter user @ Li Li Li Jinghao post said Changsha train station waiting room in the winter weather is suspected without turning on the air conditioning, passengers have to wrapped. The night of January 16, Changsha railway station via its official Twitter responded publicly, due to ensure normal use of air conditioning during the spring the station, the station was on the air conditioning unit turns the equipment renovation and repair, overhaul is completed as soon as possible.

Changsha train station in response to the

Ext surging journalist Jiang Gewei Changsha train station map Shandong women aged 5 was recovered at 33 years

January 17, Changsha outdoor highest temperatures only 6 ℃, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) in Changsha railway station field visited found, the station I, II, III waiting room and the Hall of air conditioning in opened State, but its 4th waiting room and pit security channel no open air conditioning, which fourth waiting room for passengers more, around closed, body at which yet feel cold; but pit security channel for number more waiting room within less, and from time to time has outdoor cold blow came in, reporter obviously was chill.

Changsha train station in response to the

Changsha train station security checkpoint Pai journalist Jiang Gewei

Why fourth waiting room and station security screeners did not turn on air conditioning, and whether the station is to turn the air conditioning unit the refurbishment, station staff in surging on news that "the situation is not clear. "

Changsha train station in response to the

Surging journalist Jiang Gewei Changsha railway station waiting room

Earlier, the Changsha railway station for "air conditioning problems" cause for concern.

In August 2016, Hunan local general media survey found Changsha railway station waiting room heat season without air conditioning, and passengers want blow air conditioning business waiting room have to pay at least 20 Yuan, the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee Chen 忞, Changsha was rebuked for "shameless". The event after fermentation, the Changsha railway station said publicly that will start the overhaul will shut business waiting room for passengers properly air-conditioned.