Friday, January 13, 2017

Warm smell of play boy reservoir accidental drowning the two boys could not

"Thanks to two guys in xinyang timely rescue, otherwise my son could have been killed. It came out that, they can't swim himself, I really don't know what to say a word of thanks. "Yesterday, mentioned his son was saved, a who lives in Beijing, Ms LI's words are still full of gratitude. Hunan man family was suspected to have killed

The afternoon of January 7, Li woman 19 years old son of Tintin when playing in Beijing's Changping District Shahe reservoir, accidentally fell into the River, reservoir staff in xinyang citizen guy Zhao Yingshu and Liu Shunxing lying on the ice, crawling, boy was saved from drowning.

Boy overboard xinyang Guy v ice rescue

January 7 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Lee's son, Tintin, Shahe town, Changping District, Beijing Shahe Reservoir near the play, see the river freezes, Tintin drawn onto the ice and play. On thin ice, and upon his return to shore, accidents happen. "Because the ice was too slippery, the child struggled for 20 minutes in the water to climb up. "Ms Lee said.

Yesterday, the reporter contacted Zhao Yingshu. "We are North of the River to inspect the other day, when suddenly I heard someone calling for help. Thought it was a joke at first, and later once again came a few, we immediately turned the boat, after 500 meters, before he saw someone crying for help in the water. "Zhao Yingshu said.

"We quickly ship docked from his most recent position, 150-kilogram Liu Shunxing disembarked first, just walk a few steps, found the ice is very thin, it can not continue to go. He told me not to get off, picked up a bamboo pole, both creeping up the ice to a drowning child, so he grabbed a bamboo pole on the net. "Zhao Yingshu said, because the ice is too thin, only to let children pull NET to avoid sinking into the water while on the phone to the company for help.

Lee said that when she arrived at Shahe reservoir shed, seen clutching blankets shivering children shed Ding Ding, also from the stove to keep warm. "Is so grateful to them, and if they make it in time, the consequences are unimaginable! "Ms Lee said.

Boy child family are grateful to both total rescued 6 people who

The next morning, Lee and his son arrived at the barracks, would like to express their gratitude. "After talking to them, I know they are in xinyang of workers, they will not swim in this case can also save lying on the ice. "Lee sighs, if it were not for them, children's lives may be gone, her life will thank them. Also particularly want publicity out of their story, let more people know, was not buried by the good spirit, let the positive energy in the community forever.

"With the child, we have saved 6 people who. This is part of our job, no matter who, encountered such a thing, would be to save. "Zhao Yingshu said.

(Formerly titled play boy reservoir water which two boys v ice rescue in xinyang)