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Yunnan liangheyinjia year collar last year the village changed so much this

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"Xiao Shu top white hair is not full, guard round the fire spent sleeping. "During the Spring Festival family reunion around night to share the fun, share the pain. Shen monkey, the Chinese economy continues to dream great strides forward in the new normal, how are you people? Ding You cock the Spring Festival, and how they spend it? During the Spring Festival and what are the wishes and hopes of ordinary people? The Spring Festival, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interviews with 35 families nationwide, through the same questions answered 10 questions, listen to them tell his stories of ordinary people. 7 days of the Spring Festival holiday, day, there will be 5 families have been surging in the sound.

Yunnan liangheyinjia year | collar: last year the village changed so much this year to buy a car

Yin Jia brought back home in lianghe, Yunnan province, and his family.

Interlocutor: Yin Jia led

Lianghe County, Yunnan province, dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture, and 25 years old, college administrators.

On the family

Surging News: there are many people at home, do reunion this year?

Yin Jia led: there are five people in my family, my grandmother, my father and my mother, have another sister. This year (Spring Festival) which is five people together, is my Academy before this year is over. Li Chunping real property is managed in China

My hometown in lianghe following a country is a land of tea, called Dragon fortress, is a tea of tea.

Surging News: family: buy or build a House, did you buy a car?

Yin Jia led: our House is a wooden structure houses is probably like the Academy. I come home sometimes ride a motorcycle, or take buses. I have plans to buy a car, after all, is more convenient, this year should consider buying it.

Surging News: have a girlfriend?

Yin Jia led: there are no objects, single. I think it comes naturally now, I won't force if appropriate to say. Now I have plans to get married, parents push quite hard, I'm 91 years. My sister was 93 years, me and my sister was two years old, she graduated last year, she worked in mangshi.

Surging News: 2016-what is the biggest harvest? 2017 biggest wish is?

Yin Jia led: the biggest harvest is coming to College, last year, I put all the time and energy to the Academy of arts education, hand-made, and the kids grew up together, I think this is my greatest achievement.

Biggest wish of 2017 may be the solution of the current lack of consistent with age now of something, such as your own personal issues, some of the missing material to fight it.

On the Spring Festival

Surging News: received a Chinese new year gift yet, favorite gift?

Yin Jia led: I have received a lot of you to my handmade gifts, greeting cards, crafts, painting, writing and so on, these children are usually College I give them cultural and arts education of children. One of the gifts I am most impressed, is a Fujian little girl gave me the card's heart out there, which in a few words of greeting: teacher wishing you happy new year, happy new year, good year, take the (married) marrying a girl. Which Word is wrong, but that is not important.

Surging News: Spring Festival Eve how to eat?

Yin Jia collar: Spring Festival Eve is hands do eat at home with his family.

Surging News: do you watch Spring Festival in previous years, all read it?

Yin Jia led: the whole family has to watch it, but I prefer to see the magic link, not necessarily completely full through.

Surging News: new year's Eve and Chinese New Year Fireworks you prepared, ever think of air pollution?

Yin Jia collar: firecrackers are relatively inexpensive, fireworks are relatively rare because the development side of town there is a large gap. Environmental problems caused by Fireworks, objectively speaking, we still lack awareness.

About home

Surging News: major change in the past year in your home country?

Yin Jia led: it is big government policy support project support as well as villagers collected money in our village and the village two years ago has changed very much.

Surging News: friends: is there any major change in the past year?

Yin Jia led: changes are relatively large, some have a House and a car, but there are also unemployed.