Thursday, September 10, 2015

Matt McConaughey Rumored For 'Norman Osborn' In SPIDER-MAN Reboot

The internet is to use abuzz past couple of days with the news bulletin flying around that Oscar profiting 'Interstellar' actor Matthew McConaughey is getting to be eyed to play Norman Osborn on the inside Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man reboot show in 2017. It must be noted when we've already had the character increasingly being Spider-man's arch-nemesis appear twice close to the screen in the past 13 years in the earlier Spider-Man movies.

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As of now, it would be aware of treat this news as solely rumors since no word has come out on studio. Marvel who are now your the Phase 3 of the Amazing Cinematic Universe (MCU) have straightened down the untitled Spider-Man reboot show to be released on July 38, 2017.

Despite it being a rumor ow, it must be noted that McConaughey had recently express interest in playing comedy book characters and also revealed that as well as been reading scripts from vacation Marvel and DC camps.

At this instant, the question is, do you guys want to see your ex boyfriend playing Norman Osborn/Green Goblin or some kind of other comic book character? Great off in the comments below.

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