Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Facebook s open source hardware project Apple with a good

Even Apple will think of Facebook's open source project is a good idea.

In 2011, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook said in a cafeteria at the old headquarters, Facebook will make Facebook more efficient operation are being to create a variety of new hardware. In addition, Facebook will share its new hardware designs with others.

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Facebook social network Empire had become so big, to service hundreds of millions of people around the world, so the company wanted to streamline server farms to support its operations is reasonable (not to mention Google has done similar things). But for many people, Facebook "open source" hardware design decisions seems too idealistic, unrealistic, and even make no sense.

Facebook the idea is that other people can use Facebook's design for network operation and maintenance, thereby creating a vast market, and reduce the cost of Facebook. But skeptics argue that it's just Facebook PR: Facebook telling everyone how "open". After all, and how much the size of the company as big as Google and Facebook? And how many companies will use this equipment to replace existing equipment? Even as the company did, and Facebook have any help?

Four years later, this seemingly impractical idea basically as Facebook says. Facebook changed the way Internet companies, consumer hardware, has changed the way many hardware companies manufacture and sell hardware in the world.

Tuesday open computing projects at the annual party, open computing project, the former Facebook employees, Frank Frankovsky announced that, following Microsoft and Rackspace cloud computing giant, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity and United States Bank, Apple also added to the open project.

And like other companies, Apple's network services is also extremely large, need Facebook sharing hardware. Before joining for a long time, and Apple is exploring hardware design of Facebook applications. Given Apple's secrecy, its public participation in open computing project shows Apple believed in this idea. Louis Vuitton (LV) Note 3 Case Louis Vuitton (LV) Note 3 Case

Meanwhile, at the party, two United States large hardware vendors released a response to Facebook open hardware activities of new products. These products will help other companies like Facebook, streamlining operation and maintenance. HP launched a new Facebook design-based computer server product line, Intel released a collaboration with Facebook to design new server processor.

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Intel did not face the world their "Sockets" chip design. Other companies are unable to manufacture the chips alone. Meet Intel to sell all the chips.

This cooperation shows that Facebook how effective will these big companies put together, provide convenience for everyone who uses the Internet.

In the past, Intel will work with Google or Facebook, modify the chip to meet the operational needs of these companies. However, such modifications are rare, a small amount, is not known. After all, Intel's business is based on mass production. And now there are a large number of companies to follow Facebook's ideal, so Intel will have a reason to change its ways.

Open source Apple

In short, the hardware market has undergone a great change. Apple added, the market may further change. Frankovsky said that almost from the first day of open computing projects start, Apple has been involved in. So Apple is likely to use Facebook in their data center design. Vaid said of Microsoft, Apple has some open source hardware projects for open computing projects contribute. Frankovsky also suggests that Apple will eventually open their own design.

From the long term, this will help other companies that founded the modern networking services. This will help Facebook and selfless dedication finally paid off.


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