Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Apple iPhone 6

Many consumers to buy the latest iPhone 6 mobile phone, enjoy the show and local flavor. IPhone 6 on the screen larger, power faster, and users in order to enjoy long battery life when used, so most people would choose to give yourself the love machine is equipped with a mobile power supply. Today we introduce a back designed for iPhone 6 clip-on mobile power--Casino-I6 health, it can not only play a role in cell phone protective case, and at any time to charge the iPhone 6, user-friendly.

Casino-I6 Wei back clips used cell phone protective case design, beautifully stylish, sturdy texture and cell phone can be a good protective effect, prevents iPhone 6 bending. Users can use their own Lightning charge connector to charge mobile phones, easy to master, charge balance.

Plastic packing box

Bonus accessories

This mobile power uses a box with transparent plastic material sturdy, dust-proof and stain, is also equipped with a square-shaped sponge pads, on the mobile power to form good protection, convenient to carry and store. Under the sponge pad is equipped with a piece of thick paper, parameter information in the printed product and method of use, graphic form of instruction allowing users to use more simple to understand. Random also comes with a white cord and a Lightning connection, easy to charge.

Source: Zol

Casino-I6 Wei back clip is not only a mobile power, it's still an iPhone 6 cell phone protective case, modeling simple atmospheric. The send log is local Gold Edition, completely in accordance with the dimensions of the iPhone 6 mobile to create, embed phone perfectly, on the most vulnerable side and edges form a more comprehensive protection.

Casino-I6 Wei back clip

Paul Frank iPad Air Case

Casino-I6 Wei back clip

Casino-I6 Wei back clip body using durable PC material, surface after a delicate scrub treatment, surface smooth, feel more comfortable. IPhone 6 buttons, interfaces, microphones, speakers, cameras and other components, in the appropriate place specifically set aside ample space and slot in the use process will not affect phone calls and photography feature implementations.

For phone keys, parts of the interface, microphone and other reserved space

Reserved for camera space


Weight chart

Load diagram

Casino-I6 Wei back clip volume with iPhone-6 mobile, single hand can grasp, by actual weighing, measuring its weight is about 86g, only one-fifth weight of the cans of canned cokes and put it together with cell phone in hand and not feel too heavy, more convenient to carry, suitable for everyday use.

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Casino-I6 Wei back clip the appearance of fashion business, local gold body can give the phone to provide more comprehensive protection, high-end atmosphere, elegant appearance. Now, come with us, enjoying the back clip product details.

Casino-I6 Wei back clip Paul Frank iPad Air Case

Casino-I6 Wei back clip

Casino-I6 Wei back clip

Casino-I6 Wei back clip

Casino-I6 Wei back clip

Casino-I6 Wei back clip not only on iPhone mobile phones form a protective, and comes with a considerable amount of electricity, can bring convenience charge to phone support and prolong the battery life.

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Casino-I6 Wei back clips using polymer batteries, 2500mAh nominal battery capacity, basically can provide about a charge for the iPhone mobile phone, and mobile phone batteries together can basically meet the users on that day. The fuselage comes with a white Lightning connector charging cable to support 5V/1A the charging output, exactly matches the iPhone 6 mobile phone charging parameters.

Parameter name plate

With Lightning connector cord

Switch and power led

Equipped with a circular opening in the fuselage key short next to click on to activate the LED charge indicator, each led represents 25% of remaining capacity, electricity users can easily understand. In the side is equipped with a Lightning charge input interface, users can use a random bonus of cord or iPhone 6 original charging cable to charge the back clip, easy to use.

Charging input interface

Practical charging demo

When you move the power shortage, users can use the appropriate adapter connection on the plug for charging, charging cable can also be connected to the computer's USB port for charging, when the four LED indicators are lit charging is completed, more convenient to operate.

★ Product features: Paul Frank iPad Air Case

1. shell shape, light weight and stylish portable

2.Lightning input interface design, achieving first-charge and discharge

3. Since the Lightning charge line, user-friendly

★ Product defects:

Comes with charging line color and the body is not coordinated

Editorial reviews: Casino-I6 Wei back clip is a set charge and shell both functions in one product, light weight, and users can take with one hand, comes with the Lightning joint, make charging more convenient. A dual-purpose, but also solve the disadvantages of iPhone 6 bends easily under the fuselage external force, designed more intimate, more suited to the requirements of portability of the user are used.

Source: Zol