Friday, September 25, 2015

4 4 Flyme 3 6 1A experience

After following the Andorid 4.4 MIUI V5 beta, Meizu has launched its Android-based 4.4 Flyme. Meizu has also said it will begin in May week firmware update to enhance the superiority of their systems. The first on 4.4 Flyme today. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Flyme 3.5.1 before you upgrade, the upgraded 3.6.1A and trial. From Meizu technology appropriate publicity, although 3.6.1A Android 4.4 develop, but most of the updates are still as functional restoration, changed little in layout design, so this is major feature display for everyone to see.

First of all is to optimize the unlocking experience lit screen, anywhere on the slide to unlock. Then is the latest hot pictures of microblogging feature support. Although these two features I am not cold, but many people welcomed. Incipio iPhone 6 Plus

More sophisticated themes feature provides personalized matches. Theme personalized matches the new system, different themes can be mix and match icons, wallpapers, SMS, etc. This feature is that many domestic manufacturers had already provided, of course, this feature is not perfect, such as text messages, dial and no corresponding pictures, check out, and the subsequent optimization.

Significant voices of the nine squares to enter. Nine squares but I personally do not like to enter, and my favorite the vibration feedback function still isn't in.

Different from most manufacturers, based on Android 4.4 Flyme did not castrate ART patterns, not bad. From Dalvik operating model for ART mode takes nearly 20 minutes time, the conversion process time consuming and the power consumption is to pay attention. ART mode for the time being and will not cause you any obvious improvement, while ART mode, there will also be some strange and unexpected problems.

Dalvik and operation mode of ART-rabbit run, a big gap, which can be ignored. In our country most of the ROM/OS the Android 4.4 backwardness and delays, MIUI and Flyme took a good start, the continuous updating of the system is the best measure to guarantee the service life of the machine. The Flyme 3.6.1A mainly functional repair, and not adding too much new functionality and interface layout update, and I look forward to exposing multi Flyme 4.