Friday, August 14, 2015

Wisdom ring controls the digital world: Fin Bluetooth Wearable Ring

Men would envy jiatengying, because his fingers can control such realities ... ... Well, a bunch of I said, this is no big deal, in fact, jiatengying finger in India, can also be used to wipe your butt--fingers, it also has more important uses, for example, used to control the entire digital universe:

Moschino Babybear Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

This is control digital world of wisdom ring (Fin Bluetooth Wearable Ring), from HL Vision Technologies company, is and a paragraph intelligent can wear equipment, just, relative Yu zhiqian love rare introduced had of wisdom ring, this goods of ambitions more big at one o'clock--it of target is put you I of Palm into touch screen, then through this ring on can control all of touch control equipment!

Principle is probably the case, this ring has built-in sensors, can determine their location and movements, and then, when you wear it on your thumb, thumb in the Palms area of action can be sensed, and interactive with the receiving end of the APP via Bluetooth, enabling wireless control. HL said three of the companies, Fin rings are capable of wireless control of all Apple devices, for example, can remote control through the Keynote on the MacBook, or completely control part iPhone--here said "full" means, you can use it to remotely control the phone almost everything on the screen, as if your Palm is iPhone screen! Moschino Samsung Galaxy S5 case

Prices are not expensive, $ 79, Cabinet modelling, and completely waterproof. Ongoing sale, address here:

Design: HL Vision Technologies advance sale price: $ 79 sale address: Moschino Samsung Galaxy S5 case