Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jetpacks--one went flying

Always dreamt of flying like a bird, but also free as Superman, arms and turning, and later in a game called Grand Theft found similar satisfaction, cheat command to bring up the rocket jets, flew over Las Vegas, aimless cruising ...

Google x laboratory of engineers seems to does not meet Yu let this transport just exists game in, they is research a similar of rocket backpack (jetpacks), Google x current competent Astro Teller said: rocket backpack does not like people imagine of as dangerous, relative Yu security, more tricky of problem is energy--1 gallons oil only support 1/4 miles of flight. addition, rocket backpack of noise on with motorcycle as big, was to stand.

Various reasons makes rocket pack a failed project, for now at least. Freemasonry have any suspension of skateboarding, teleportation (it reminds me of the Archmage in WAR3), sounds like a really wonderful work. kate spade jack spade

Rocket pack looks so fragile, but 50 years from now, who can predict?

Maybe one day, the goddess was trapped in the burning building, flat ground hit by broken glass and desperation you goddess rescued, two people Kiss in the air, you look at the goddess, soulful song: in your heart, and fly free.

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