Saturday, August 29, 2015

Monster 22-ft Shark Fossil Excavated, Professed to be one of the Biggest to Ever Live

A creature as long as a two-story building ruled the ocean as soon as as a team of scientists led with Joseph A. Frederickson have discovered an old 22-foot long shark FOSSIL iPhone 5 for dig in the Duck Creek connected Texas. The research has been published over PLOS One Journal on July 3.

FOSSIL iPhone 5/5S Case Stripes

Frederickson's team tripped via the three large vertebrae of the age-old FOSSIL iPhone 5 cases six years ago while walking the entire Duck Creek Formation in Tx. The vertebrae date back to the Late evening Cretaceous period nearly 100 64,000 years ago.

Frederickson claimed, "That's the entire interesting thing; this is one of the biggest whales that ever lived, one of the many biggest to swim in the water ever".

Frederickson explained that nonetheless this huge shark is near in size to that of a white shark, it is a nearer relative to the crushed lime stone tiger and goblin sharks.

Frederickson added that these giant sharks roamed in gangs, millions of years ago and may have possibly eaten just about anything in the form of at 20 feet, there is not quite a bit it could not eat!

Frederickson apprised that further research was was required to ascertain how these sharks spent their childhood years. Since, the fossil sharks end up being identified based on teeth and stopping no teeth found here, Fredrickson and his research partners could not decide the exact species of this shark.

Fredrickson has donated the fossils towards the Oklahoma Museum of Natural Customs to enable further research. This shark is 10 feet shorter truly worth similar shark remains found in the entire Kiowa Shale in Kansas over 1997.