Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Love is new House fair" this is crazy, use mushrooms to build a House?!

Well, even though we all like Mario, but if I tell you, maybe, one day in the future, humans will live in a giant Mushroom House, you must think I'm crazy ... ... But to a group of young New York architects, this assertion is neither crazy nor science fiction, it will become a reality this summer –

Yes, use mushrooms to build houses, light weight, environmental protection, will have zero waste: Juicy iPhone 6 case

This is the so-called Hy-Fi project initiated by a group of architects in Brooklyn, and they planned this summer, outside the Museum of modern art in New York to build a few mushrooms to construct the pavilion architecture – how to build it? On like this group young of declaration as, "20th century is physics of times, and 21st century is is biology of times", this several Pavilion also will is biological technology of masterpiece, they will some low value of agricultural scrap, corn skin Ah like of, cut broken has, then and a species special formula of hyphae (is said to have is from a species fungus or mushroom) mixed, again pour any styling of mold in the, slightly time, these stuff on can long full mold, into light but high strength of "bricks", last, Then assembled the bricks according to the design ~

And this, is this year summer you if privilege to New York will can see of ~ several sent power plant cooling tower General of Pavilion, in inside rest of when, you not only can see imperialism luxury of sky, maybe also can smell to imperialism fungus of taste ~ addition, this materials most praise of place is, it of manufacturing process is environmental and low energy, someday not need has, directly split off fragmentation processing zhihou, and buried into underground on can into compost, is also not waste...... Juicy Couture iPhone 6 case

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