Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Can do more than eat, spirulina can lighting: Living Things

Spirulina, seeing the word, what is your first reaction? A Green Micro algae? Baidu, you will find that this is a 3.5 billion-year history of biology, nutrient content, humans found thus far the most food!

Designer Jacob Douenias, and EthanFrier tells us that more than eating, it can also light. Green bulbs in the figure, being both God of light, heat and produce Spirulina in alkaline medium, loaded into the various forms of glassware was made by, and the name "Living Things" on display at the Pittsburgh Museum of modern art. Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus covers

"These large hand blown glass can give people in the room to provide heat and light, but they are high performance photobioreactors, algae inside heating, lighting, ventilation, supplementary nutrition and metabolic control. "The designers said, sounds easy?? Pattern! In fact, this complete system is very complex.

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The exhibition, these bulbs are installed in the living room and dining room, and placed in hidden corners of the control system, rely on water pipes and cable connections between different areas. Control Panel for the 3D printed nylon piston, by hand can control the flow, liquid concentration is high enough, you can open the spirulina 18 valves acquisition, cultivation or supply of fresh liquid. The inside of the box is made of pipes, pumps, air pumps, LED driver, filtration systems, heaters, together constitute the core of the entire supply system. Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus case

It sounds complex, designers summarised: "lamp is actually a clever, capable of cultivating Spirulina bioreactor using waste heat and carbon dioxide. "

Listening to these terms alone is enough! Also, after all, it's just a concept of light, belongs to the thing of the future, 500 years later, estimates don't count!