Friday, February 19, 2016

To the injection was wrongly nurses for the elderly in Henan lost blood blood

To the injection was wrongly nurses for the elderly in Henan lost blood, blood types do not deserve the whole body shivered

Luo was the wrong blood transfusion said, his stomach is still uncomfortable, my head hurts.

Because diarrhea, men live in the injection, but accident-the nurse wrong blood entered his body, was Shivering in patients not requiring blood transfusion crisis situations, rescue the rear corner.

This incident zhongmou County in Henan province people's Hospital (district hospital). In this regard, the Hospital says a nurse "errors" in the case of no orders will be lost to b wrong with blood type AB blood type man, cause transfusion reactions in patients with systemic chills, hospital to take timely remedial measures after the incident, nurses have been suspended from their parties, zhongmou County Health Bureau has been involved in this investigation.

Diarrhea in patients in hospital, infusion into the blood transfusion

Yesterday, the provincial people's Hospital infectious diseases Department, 4/f, a ward, 66, he is bed rest, her daughter she has cared for in a side.

She said xiping zhumadian, they are people, fathers working in zhongmou County construction site. On February 2, because of stomach pain, his father came to zhongmu County people's Hospital (district hospital) medical treatment and for the admission procedures, she chaperoned. Diagnosed by the hospital, my father is suffering from a common "dysentery". The next day at 10 o'clock in the morning, a more than 20-year old female nurse holding a bag of blood transfusion to the father.

"I was a bit fooled, this disease have a blood transfusion? "She said she had specifically asked the nurse for a sentence," why a blood transfusion? If (the father) had diarrhea too much blood? "

She tells, when nurse "UM" a, lost an arm on the blood of the father, and the father of another arm also was a drip. In addition, the nurses refused their offer of normal liquid blood transfusion requirements are entered. Because his father did have blood in the stool, then they would not have too much.

Blood transfusion blood types do not match, the patients body chills

She recalls that after about half an hour, a bag of blood lost during the nurse hurried over, pulling away and quickly left the blood bag.

"At that time we felt was wrong. "She said she and her family then went to nurses and doctors, the results didn't find, while the father has appeared uncomfortable symptoms," whole body shivered, shaking the whole bed was hanging out! "Since then, the head nurse in hospital, who came, and told family members of patients, are hospital errors, wrong blood lost to Luo, and hospitals quickly against a related treatment.

That night, he was transferred to the people's Hospital of Henan province.

Luo said that the father's treatment by the advances from the zhongmou County people's Hospital, during the Spring Festival, patients and families are spent in the ward. Acres of land in Jiangxi was a 7 year remain open

Patient transfusion blood typing errors, what would be the consequences? In this regard, the provincial people's hospital infections branch-related medical staff said that mismatched blood can occur in normal people "hemolysis", and in serious cases can lead to patients in shock, organ failure and even death, consequences are very serious. But fortunately there is, Mr Lo was sent to the hospital, their blood pressure, hemoglobin and other physical indexes are more normal, through a regular infusion therapy, has been recovered, a few days ago, have reached discharge standards.

While on her deathbed, he told reporters that his stomach is still uncomfortable, my head hurts.

Patients all treatment costs to be borne by the hospital and all the negative consequences

Luo said that after the incident, zhongmu County people's hospital had been specifically made a written certificate, stamped with the seal of the hospitals above.

The proof showed that Romania in February 3, because of "dysentery" came to the infectious disease Department of the hospital inpatient treatment. On the morning of because nurses work, in the case of no orders, wrong blood type AB lost to Luo 26 beds, as Romania for type b blood, resulting in patients with transfusion reaction body chills, hospital after discovering that timely remedial measures. Communicate with the patients ' families, for the sake of security, Luo transferred to Zhengzhou University Hospital for treatment. Borne by the hospital he's all costs of treatment and all the negative consequences caused by the transfusion.

"How can such low-level errors in hospitals? "While hospitals are given an explanation, but she and her family are difficult to understand.

Zheng da Wu affiliated hospital of a head nurse with years of work experience, told reporters, nurses work of "checking in three of seven" system, that is, reminds medical personnel must be serious and treatment at work, to avoid mistakes. Saying that "the search", refers to the operation check after check, identified during the operation, the operation, and "seven pairs", is the check number, check the name, check the name, and check the concentration of dose, check, check, check. Blood transfusion patients specific to operations, requirements more stringent, two medical staff after checking relevant information both the signature.

"If the nurse before blood transfusion can simply compare the name, believes there will be no such error. "The nurse said.

New wrong blood transfusions, nurses were suspended, health authorities involved in the investigation

Yesterday afternoon, zhongmou County people's Hospital (district hospital) Office of the General staffs, Wang said Luo a transfusion at the hospital, a patient the wrong blood transfusion, a current founder and family members of patients in the active negotiation. According to his knowledge, related matters by a Deputy Dean Ma Zhongshun charged at the hospital.

When in an interview with a television media in the province, Ma Zhongshun have said Mr Lo's condition does not need a blood transfusion, a new nurse in hospital, wrong on other patients with a blood transfusion to Mitt.

Vice President of contact reporters traveled on the horse. Vice-President Ma said the matter was indeed as he said in a television interview, that he is in a State of rest, the phone will inconvenience in detail of the incident. It is reported that the nurse has been suspended from the parties, zhongmou County Health Bureau has also been involved in the investigation and handling of the event.

Last night, Luo's family said they are consultations on follow-up and zhongmu County people's Hospital, now to no avail.