Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Anhui maintenance dispute is a man hacked to death a mother and sister in law

Anhui maintenance dispute is a man hacked to death a mother and sister-in-law, jumped to his death was wounded by the police

On February 23, in Shouxian County of Huainan city, Anhui Province Public Security Bureau officer, and Yan Kou Zhen in Shouxian County informed the village in a murder case, double floor: Chen for resisting arrest, criminal suspects was shot in the leg by police snipers, Chen jumped after being shot in the leg, after hospital rescue invalid was killed.

On February 22, the Lantern Festival, Yan kou town village in Shouxian County of Huainan city, Anhui Province, is – shocking tragedy took place at about 6 o'clock in the morning, aged 42, Chen because of support issues and family quarrels, grass cutting knife holders and their 74 year old mother to live with Zou after so and so killed, 39 year old sister-in-law living next door with a knife kills.

Online micro-released February 23 @ Shouxian County public security briefing shows that after the incident, Chen's sister police. About 6:45, 110 in Shouxian County Public Security Bureau received a report immediately after instruction Weir out of the police station. After police arrived at the scene found that the suspect Chen soar to their second floor roof platform with a knife and resisting arrest.

Case significant, quickly organized criminal investigation of County Council, Scouts, disposal of armed police rushed to the scene, and contact field hospital car;, Huainan City Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Wang led the criminal investigation after receiving the report team, SWAT team, armed police detachment arrived on the scene. Police evacuated spectators on site and persuaded the Organization to mobilize families of the suspects. Western Han dynasty mausoleum in Shaanxi soil

Period, Wang Huainan City Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Chief Huang Sheng Zhong and related personnel to participate in the scene persuaded County Prosecutor's Office, but no effect for several rounds of practice – persuaded Chen to face the police went ahead and continued to resist arrest and attempted suicide a number of times.

Command decisions decisively disposed of from around 12:27 to Chen in the leg by a sniper shot. Chen climbed to the top of the platform's edge after being shot in the leg and jumped. Police immediately sent Chen to the hospital. 13:10 on February 22, Chen died.

At present, the case is being handled.